CNN Insiders Dish on the 'Real' Reason Don Lemon Was Fired

As previously reported, Don Lemon (or as Tucker Carlson likes to say, Don Le-Mon) is out at CNN, and his firing is being celebrated by those still at the network according to The Daily Mail. Inside that report is also an interesting tidbit that purports to reveal the “real” reason Lemon was let go.


It has to do with that Vivek Ramaswamy interview RedState highlighted, but not for the reason most people thought. Specifically, it wasn’t Lemon’s treatment of Ramaswamy that proved to be the last straw for CNN executives. Rather, it was his treatment of his former co-host, Poppy Harlow.

‘Everyone is talking about the way he interacted with Vivek,’ one source said. ‘But the way he talked to Poppy at the end of that interview, which kind of got lost in the explosiveness, was not lost on Poppy or the executives.’

‘You can just tell from Poppy’s body language that she was frustrated – and that he’ll never learn.’

Watch the interview closely — and you will hear Lemon appear to rudely cut off his colleague, as she tries to move things along from the confrontation and wrap up the interview.

‘Ok, can we move on now please,’ he interjects, leaning back and buttoning his jacket.

Poppy – seemingly exasperated – turns to Lemon.

‘Thank you,’ she says shortly, and carries on.

‘That is what he was accused of doing over and over again,’ a CNN source said. ‘That was the pattern – dismissing, cutting off, big footing.’


That clears things up a good bit. After all, why would CNN punish a host for being rude and combative to a Republican guest? That happens all the time on the liberal network. But if Lemon’s treatment of his co-hosts was what ultimately got him the ax, that actually makes a ton of sense.

The Mail’s article goes on to note that the top brass at CNN were worried about continued accusations of sexism and misogyny within the company. Lemon was a primary purveyor of such, often belittling and demeaning female hosts on the air. One such example involved him lecturing Kaitlin Collins about an interview she had just finished conducting during a live hit.

Clearly, CNN had to do something. Lemon has been a cancer on the network for years. His ratings were terrible no matter how much they shifted him around, and he had a sense of entitlement that was toxic to those around him. In fact, the most relevant question surrounding the Don Lemon saga is how he lasted as long as he did. His intersectional box-checking obviously provided a level of protection others wouldn’t have received. Even still, he was so sure of his invincibility that he just kept pushing the envelope. For his continued arrogance, he’s now out on the street.


Unfortunately for Lemon, I doubt we’ll be hearing much from him in the future despite him stating he has “no regrets” about his tenure. While someone like Tucker Carlson has the star power and talent to remain relevant long after leaving a major network, most people have already stopped talking about Lemon. That’s for good reason. He’s a dime-a-dozen host who just repeats the same talking points every other left-wing partisan repeats. There’s nothing special about that, and certainly, it’s not the kind of thing that launches someone to a successful solo career.

So Lemon should enjoy what little press he’s getting while it lasts. Pretty soon, he’ll be as remembered as Chris Cuomo, and when’s the last time you thought about Chris Cuomo?



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