Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Arkansas Court, His Lawyers Make Unbelievable Excuse for Lack of Discovery

On Monday, a report dropped suggesting that Hunter Biden was hiding out in the White House and following his dad around on trips in order to avoid being served legal papers.


That led to a demand to jail the president’s son for failing to provide financial records the court ordered be turned over. Those are obviously important when dealing with a paternity suit and child support payments.

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Lawyers for former stripper Lunden Roberts asked an Arkansas court Friday to jail the first son for failing to fork over his financial records as required in her lawsuit over support payments for their 4-year-old unacknowledged daughter, Navy.

Roberts claims Hunter, 53, is “flaunting the dignity and authority of the court” by failing to provide “one single item or word [of] discovery” and says, “This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders.”

Less than a day later, per The New York Post, the judge handling the case of the grand-child Joe and Jill Biden disowned decided to nuke that strategy, ordering Hunter Biden to appear in person at every hearing going forward.

His next ordered appearance will be May 1st, and it promises to produce news given how upset the judge is.

A judge has ruled that Hunter Biden must attend all court hearings related to his ongoing Arkansas paternity case.

“From now on … I want both of your clients at every hearing I conduct,” Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer told attorneys representing Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts, the mom of his 4-year-old unacknowledged daughter, Navy.

Judge Meyer lashed out at the attorneys on a Zoom call Monday, complaining that litigation was taking too long.

“I will no longer allow us to excuse clients,” she warned, according to Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Hunter, 53, will be required to be present during the next in-person hearing scheduled at 9 a.m. on May 1.


It sounds like the hammer is finally being dropped, with no more excused absences being allowed. That would also mean Hunter Biden is vulnerable to being arrested if the judge decides he and his legal team are not following through on her orders for discovery. To this point, they haven’t and are delinquent in turning over the aforementioned financial records.

Guess what their excuse is? Truly, it’s unbelievable.

The judge issued the ruling after Brent Langdon, Hunter Biden’s attorney in the paternity suit, told her that a laptop associated with his client — and possibly containing income tax records — was still in a repair shop.

A back-and-forth followed between Meyer and Langdon, with the judge pressing the attorney to say whether the laptop belonged to his client.

Yes, you read that right and it is not a parody. Hunter Biden’s lawyer is using the “his laptop is in a repair shop” excuse to explain why they’ve refused to turn over financial records needed for the case to continue.

It’s just incredible to see that two-step take place. On the one hand, Hunter Biden’s lawyer claims that they can’t turn over financial records because his laptop is still at a repair shop. Yet, when the judge pressed on whether the laptop is owned by Hunter Biden, the lawyer refused to answer. That’s when the order for Hunter Biden to start appearing in person was dropped.


I mean, come on. The judge can’t let this nonsense continue. She needs to order the records to be turned over immediately or she needs to throw Hunter Biden in jail for obstructing. It’s clear that he and his lawyers have zero respect for the judicial system and are simply stalling. The only way that changes is if the judge starts playing hardball. No normal person would get away with this.

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