Joe Biden Either Has Dementia or He's a Sociopath

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The aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Nashville, TN, has left families mourning and others demanding answers. A self-described “transgender man” (i.e. a woman) who was reportedly radicalized by a lack of affirmation of her mental illness killed three children and three adults before police officers bravely took her down.


Those who were killed obviously remain the real story, but the response to the shooting has been incredible to witness. The mainstream press has bent over backward to not “misgender” the killer while some outlets are even painting her as a victim based on the passage of laws outlawing “gender-affirming care” for minors. As the insinuation goes, if Tennessee had just continued to let kids be mutilated, then a militant transgender individual wouldn’t have been motivated to kill Christians as retribution.

The framing is disgusting, yet not all that surprising given the depravity of the modern left. It’s not just the fringes that have shown their true colors, though. As RedState reported, Joe Biden has laughed and made jokes not once, but twice when confronted with the mass shooting.

In the first case, he opened his comments to the press by joking about how much he likes chocolate chip ice cream. It was as bizarre as it was inappropriate.


You really have to watch the video to get the full effect. He sounds completely off his rocker in a way that is deeply uncomfortable to watch. This is ostensibly the President of the United States, and his first remarks following a targeted killing of Christians is to say he’s “Jill Biden’s husband” while riffing on ice cream? Really? How does that make any sense?

The next day was even worse, though, showing a callousness that is hard to believe. When asked whether the shooting was a hate crime, something Sen. Josh Hawley has asserted, Biden laughed and joked that if Hawley says it, he better disagree.

I’m sorry, what in the world? Does Biden think dead kids are funny? Or does he think religious people don’t enjoy protections under federal hate crime laws just because a Republican believes they do? On no planet was it appropriate to make a silly, partisan joke when dealing with such a serious subject. Yet, Biden did it, and for the most part, no one batted an eye.


There are only two explanations here. Joe Biden is either so deep into his bout with dementia that he can’t control his basic emotions or he’s just a sociopath. Neither explanation is good.

In my view, while I used to blame a lot of the president’s issues on the fact that he’s clearly senile, and that’s part of it, I’m becoming more convinced that also he’s just a sociopath. He doesn’t seem to have any care at all for anyone or anything that doesn’t directly benefit him. When you are laughing about people being murdered because you see them as political opponents, that’s as sadistic as it gets.

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