Biden Family Tax Returns Show They Are Greedy Hypocrites

Joe and Jill Biden have released their tax returns from the fiscal year 2022, and they offer a window into the character of the White House residents. According to Townhall, the First Family made a combined $579,514 in gross income, and in the end, they paid a 23 percent effective tax rate.


But when reading the numbers from the returns, what sticks out the most is what the Bidens didn’t pay. Namely, they gave almost nothing to charity. According to their returns, the Bidens only shelled out three percent of their hefty income to those in need.

Biden earned a salary of $400,000 while the first lady brought in $82,335 for her work as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College. The two paid an effective federal income tax rate of 23.8 percent, according to documents released by the White House.

The Bidens donated more than $20,000 to 20 charities, with the largest amount, $5,000, given to the Beau Biden Foundation, a charity devoted to ensuring children are free from the threat of abuse.

Maybe I’m too simple of a man, but I think if your entire political message centers on taking money from people by government force to supposedly help the less fortunate, you should have a strong record of doing that voluntarily in your own life. But as with every Democrat president in recent memory, the Bidens are hypocrites who bemoan a lack of taking care of the little guy while they personally do almost nothing to take care of the little guy.

Further, of the around $20,000 given to charity, 25 percent of that went to the Beau Biden Foundation. How legit of a charity that is insofar as how much is actually paid out to its stated purpose, I don’t know. But the fact that a large percentage of the overall tiny amount they give to charity isn’t even to outside groups is telling.

It’s also worth noting that Joe Biden, like essentially all elected Democrats, has constantly complained about tax loopholes and asserted that the wealthy don’t pay their fair share. Yet, given him and his wife paid an effective tax rate well below the bracket they are technically in, it’s clear that the Bidens are more than happy to use those loopholes and deductions to benefit themselves. Who could have possibly guessed that was the case?


Past that, keep in mind that what the Bidens actually made in 2022 represents a small portion of the money they have at their disposal. After leaving the Obama administration, Joe and Jill Biden made millions and millions of dollars, some of it in very shady ways. When you offer that context, their lack of charitable giving is even more pitiful and telling.

I can only speak from anecdotal experience, but the Bidens, who are extremely wealthy millionaires, having that little in charitable contributions is just laughable given what I know about my own charitable giving and those in my personal life. If Democrats really meant anything they say about paying higher taxes to help the poor, they’d be more than willing to give more to the poor willingly. That they don’t exposes who they really are.



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