Nancy Mace Locks Arms With Democrats, Calls for Governmental Anarchy

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As RedState reported, a recent ruling staying FDA approval of an abortion drug set off a firestorm on the left. The meltdown included calls to outright ignore the judge’s decision, a move that would undermine the basis of the US system of government. If you can ignore the judiciary, what other branches can you ignore?


Unfortunately, there’s also a Republican ready to play useful idiot for Democrats, and Rep. Nancy Mace stepped up to the plate once again to fill that role. She decided to go on CNN (because of course she did) to stand in solidarity with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among others.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) on Monday said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should ignore a Texas federal judge’s ruling blocking its approval of mifepristone, a pill that can be used to induce abortion in early pregnancy.

The South Carolina Republican joined several Democrats who have called for the Biden administration to ignore the judge’s ruling.

“I agree with ignoring it at this point,” Mace said on CNN Monday when asked how the Biden administration should approach the ruling. “There are other lawsuits that are happening right now and other states as well over this issue.”

It is always a red flag when a member of the GOP constantly goes on CNN and other left-wing networks to take shots at their own party. Mace has made a habit of that for years, proclaiming herself a principled conservative while providing aid and comfort to the enemies of conservatism on a fairly regular basis. Yeah, the libertarians love her because she wants to legalize drugs, but what else does she stand for? Can anyone figure that out? Because it sure seems like she says whatever she believes will get her the most plaudits among the Washington clapping seal class.


You may recall that Mace also lashed out at Rep. Chip Roy and others who fought to secure concessions before allowing now-Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to assume his position. She even suggested she would vote against the most conservative House rules package in history out of spite. In the end, she chickened out, but still, it was an instructive moment about her motivations.

Notice that kind of stuff never happens within the Democratic Party. Even radicals like Ocasio-Cortez fall in the line the moment leadership tells them to. They certainly don’t go on Fox News to undermine their own party’s platform. Republicans are different. The party is sick, and the losing will continue until there’s some semblance of unity around basic conservative tenets, one of which is the pro-life position.

People want to identify as libertarian, America First, neoconservative, or whatever other identity groups exist on the right these days, but how about we just win some elections? Because I’m pretty sick of all the back-biting and defeats. Democrats long ago figured out that winners make policy and losers cry on social media. They are ruthless in their pursuit of victory. Meanwhile, the GOP has members of its House caucus supporting the Biden administration ignoring a judge’s ruling. It’s absurd. The leadership of the Republican Party needs to be wiped out across the board, and I’m not just talking about the right’s favorite bogeymen. This is a much bigger issue than just a few establishment figures.



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