Biden Has a New Gambit to Ban Gas Stoves

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Biden administration has unveiled a new gambit in its obsessive attempt to ban gas stoves. According to a new report, the US Department of Energy has proposed a new rule which would effectively ban half the gas stoves being sold today.


That comes after head of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Richard Trumka Jr. set off a firestorm in January by proclaiming that a full ban on gas stoves was “on the table.” The administration responded by suggesting that the entire dustup was a right-wing conspiracy theory. The press dutifully pushed that narrative (after initially agreeing with and pushing for a ban), but here we stand, at the inevitable culmination.

Half of gas stove models sold in the United States today won’t comply with a first-ever efficiency regulation on cooking appliances, according to a new analysis from the Department of Energy.

The projection, which DOE posted online two weeks after the rule’s release Jan. 31, aims to provide more clarification on the expected impact of a proposal earlier this month that is now receiving comments from the public (Energywire, Feb. 1).

DOE says the cooking regulation will preserve some market share for gas stoves that have at least one high-input rate burner and continuous cast iron grates, two features that DOE determined are priorities for the public. Both features use a lot of energy.

“DOE’s analysis is constructed so that the proposed standard would ensure that products with at least one HIR burner and continuous grates can continue to be available on the market,” Jeremy Ortiz, a department spokesperson, told E&E News on Thursday.

Oh, well if half the gas stove market will remain under the new rule, then there’s nothing to worry about, I guess. I mean it’s not like destroying half an industry via pointless executive fiat is a big deal or anything.


This is what the left always does. They propose something crazy, causing people to respond strongly. Then they claim anyone who doesn’t agree with them wants to kill children or some such (in this case, they were bleating about childhood asthma). Later, when the backlash reaches its peak, the gaslighting begins as they pretend they never said what they said. Finally, the original crazy proposal is backdoored via some underhanded regulation.

Why is the Biden administration so intent on going after gas stoves? The answer is simple. It’s another part of their cultish pursuit to stop “climate change.” There’s no logical reason to destroy half the gas stove market. Natural gas is in plentiful supply, and as cost goes, it’s often less expensive to use than paying for electricity.

But the far-left has settled on the idea that gas stoves release too many emissions, so they must be taken away. All in the name of controlling the weather, which is totally a sane thing normal people believe they can do.

If this regulation is adopted, I hope the Biden administration gets sued into oblivion.



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