'South Park' Savages Meghan Markle, and She's Not Happy About It

Daniel Leal-Olivas/Pool Photo via AP

South Park, the popular animated (and very adult-themed) show, has been pushing buttons since 1997. It doesn’t matter what one’s political or cultural persuasion is, no one is safe from ridicule, and Meghan Markle recently found herself in the crosshairs.


In the perfectly named episode “Respect Our Privacy,” South Park pokes fun at the British royals (or whatever they officially are now) for their obsessive, self-absorbed pursuit of media attention while also demanding everyone leave them alone.

Here’s a bit of what that looked like, and while there are more clips out there that I’d say are funnier, I can’t link to them without getting fired.

Apparently, Meghan Markle wasn’t a fan of the depiction by the Comedy Central show, and she’s been left deeply “upset and overwhelmed” by the ordeal. That report comes from The Daily Mail.

The episode, titled ‘World Privacy Tour’ pokes fun at the couple’s grievances, while Meghan is introduced cuttingly as a ‘sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim,’ by another character.

The satirical series ridiculed the couple’s demands for privacy while on a publicity blitz for the prince’s autobiography ‘Waaaah’ – a dig at Harry’s recent memoir Spare – in last week’s brutal episode.

According to a source in California, Meghan spent the last few days ‘upset and overwhelmed’ over how she was portrayed. The source told The Spectator that the Duchess of Sussex ‘is annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all.’

She’s not just mad, though. Apparently, Markle has her lawyers looking over the episode to see if there’s anything that’s legally actionable in it. Sky News Australia delivered that tidbit on Monday. There’s a bit more of the episode in the following video as well.


All you can do is laugh, both at the episode and the reaction. South Park is a comedy show and they want to sue? Besides, Markle and her husband have been begging for this kind of mockery. They have consistently demanded privacy while crying foul over press coverage. Meanwhile, they simultaneously put out Netflix specials dishing on their own family and travel the world seeking adoration.

If Markle and her husband really wanted privacy, they’ve got the money to make that happen. No one made them start a very public feud with the rest of the royal family over supposed racism. Their behavior is narcissistic at best, if not sociopathic given everyone they’ve hurt to advance their own interests over the last several years. When you think about it, a South Park roasting should be the least of their concerns.


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