Meghan Markle and Her Pathetic Husband Nuke the Royal Family in New Netflix Special

This may be the first piece I’ve ever written on Britain’s royal family, an institution I’m not much of a fan of given my opposition to taxpayer-leeching, multi-generation hierarchies. And yeah, we have those in the United States too. We just do them a little differently.


That’s not to say the now-deceased Queen Elizabeth II didn’t serve as a positive force in her nation. Unlike many in her family, she actually took her role seriously and attempted to adhere to some sense of decency.

Then there’s Meghan Markle and her pathetic husband, Prince Harry. Despite the Queen not being dead for six months, they’ve decided to completely nuke their own family for personal gain. It’s one of the most grotesque spectacles I’ve seen in public life, and it’s all going to be on Netflix.

The trailer plays out as a dramatic telling of how supposedly terrifying it is to be fabulously wealthy. Harry even insinuates that Markle was going to be killed the way Princess Diana was. To make that case, Netflix uses a picture of paparazzi snapping away. In reality, it’s a 2011 stock image from before Markle and Harry even met. So yeah, things aren’t off to a good start here for this series as far as accuracy goes.

Perhaps the dumbest part of the trailer is in the very beginning, though. It opens with Harry proclaiming “it’s really hard to look back on it now and go, what on earth happened?” In the background, clips of the press praising Markle are shown. Yeah, it’s a real mystery, Harry. It’s not like you and your wife took a giant dump on your own family almost immediately upon getting married.


And that’s really the issue for me here. Expectedly, there are claims of racism in the trailer, and I can’t say for sure there was never an inappropriate comment made. I sort of doubt it given how buttoned up the royal family usually is coupled with the complete lack of any real evidence, but that’s beside the point. If someone has family problems, the last thing they should be doing is running to Netflix to cash in on them.

To me, that’s the real test of character here, and Markle and Harry have failed it spectacularly. What are they even hoping to accomplish? Some kind of royal coup? Or is this really just about gaining more money and notoriety within certain circles so Markle can live out the Hollywood fantasies she couldn’t attain by being a mediocre actress?

But while you could chalk up Markle’s behavior to her just being an uninvested sociopath, Harry is the real villain here. This is his family that is being attacked. It’s always been his responsibility to put a stop to this. Instead, he’s taken a leading role in trying to destroy the very people who gave him the silver spoon in his mouth. It’s the behavior of a spoiled child and should be treated as such.

Of course, what makes this entire saga all the more ridiculous is that Markle and Harry have continuously demanded “privacy.” Does this look like they want privacy? Or does it look like they are opportunists who get a high out of being in the spotlight? That the two are also rabid leftists that criticize US abortion laws and spread climate change hysteria while jet-setting around the world only makes them worse.


To put it succinctly, there’s distasteful, and then there’s whatever this is. I haven’t studied the inner workings of the royal family, but I’m pretty sure Markle and Harry can be stripped of their association with it. They absolutely should be after this.


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