Don Lemon Issues Legal Threat to Megyn Kelly Over Sexual Assault Allegations

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CNN’s Don Lemon is threatening journalist and podcaster Megyn Kelly over an interview she conducted with a man who is accusing Lemon of sexual assault. According to a letter obtained by Radar Online, Lemon’s attorney has threatened Kelly with legal action over her conversation with Lemon’s accuser on her SiriusXM show.


Caroline J. Polisi, who represents Lemon, argued that Kelly left her listeners with a “lopsided and inaccurate understanding” of what Dustin Hice, Lemon’s accuser, says about the alleged encounter which took place during the summer of 2018. “You permitted Mr. Hice’s statements to go unchallenged during your broadcast, clearly out of a vendetta you have against Mr. Lemon,” the letter says.

Lemon’s attorney continued, slamming the former Fox News host for lacking “journalistic ethics.” She wrote:

Although you advertise your podcast as featuring ‘honest’ conversations without ‘BS’ or ‘agenda,’ your podcast today, in which you interviewed Dustin Hice, reveals that you only pay lip service to journalistic ethics.

Polisi insisted that “at a minimum,” Kelly should have reviewed the documentation on the public docket which supposedly “substantially undermines Mr. Hice’s credibility and as well as the outlandish story he fabricated about Mr. Lemon.”

The attorney also stated that Hice’s claims are “false” and that Kelly is “now on notice.”

Polisi also accused Hice of trying to bribe a witness to bolster his case against the CNN news anchor. She also denied Hice’s claim that Lemon offered him $500,000 to settle the lawsuit.


Hice claims in his lawsuit that Lemon assaulted him in a Hampton’s bar in 2018. He alleges that Lemon put his hand down his own pants, rubbed his genitals, and then shoved his fingers into Hice’s face and into his mustache.

While speaking with Kelly, Hice said:

Anybody that acts like that in public without any fear of what it might do to somebody or the consequences it might have, that’s a pattern.

As of this writing, Megyn Kelly has not issued a statement about Polisi’s letter. But knowing Kelly, her response might include a middle finger on each hand and some words that might not be appropriate for me to write in this article. She is not exactly one to back down when threatened.

However, the fact that Lemon’s lawyer even took this step indicates the CNN media activist might be in a bit of trouble. Hice contends that Lemon’s legal team has worked to cover up the incident. The New York Post reported:

Accuser Dustin Hice made the comments on Monday’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” even as Lemon’s attorneys have fought back against Hice’s lawsuit in court filings, accusing the ex-bartender of withholding texts, deleting social media posts and hiding a witness who contradicted his claims.


Without a witness or other evidence corroborating Hice’s accusations, it is possible that Lemon might not be in much trouble at all. His team is attempting to paint Hice as a CNN hater, referencing social media posts in which the accuser criticizes the network.

It’s not clear how this whole thing will turn out, but if the proceedings don’t go Lemon’s way, it will be yet another black mark on his already-questionable reputation. Of course, CNN will still keep him around because the activist media outlet has no principles so, in the end, it probably won’t matter.



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