Facing Millions in Legal Fees, Hunter Biden Readies His Next Scam

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Hunter Biden is currently facing legal fees that could total up to millions of dollars. That’s according to The Washington Post, which is reporting on how the president’s degenerate son plans to pay the bills he’s currently racking up.


You’ll be less than shocked to learn that the solution being readied isn’t exactly above board.

Hunter Biden’s allies have held initial discussions about creating a legal-defense fund to pay for a growing team of attorneys that is helping him confront both a years-long federal tax investigation and a host of new congressional inquiries, according to people familiar with the matter.

The effort has been triggered by Hunter Biden’s struggles to pay his mounting legal bills amid increasingly stretched resources and his pursuit of a new, aggressive legal strategy, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive subject.

Despite claims from the left that he’s just a misunderstood drug addict, Hunter Biden is being investigated by the DOJ for a myriad of crimes that can’t be blamed on his past substance abuse problems. Those include tax evasion, tax fraud, and gun-purchase crimes. The first two issues stem from the money he made during a period when he was allegedly selling access to his father, a much-covered scandal here at RedState (see here, here, and here).

Ask yourself, how could such a legal defense fund be anything but a scam with the understanding that it’ll curry favor with Joe Biden? It’s not like Hunter Biden is some persecuted politician with an army of supporters to donate. The only people giving to that fund would be high-rollers in the political arena, and high-rollers don’t give away their money out of the goodness of their hearts.


I’d also like to know how Hunter Biden has run up “millions” in legal fees before he’s even been charged with a crime and before the House GOP has issued its first subpoena. That revelation alone seems rather sketchy. I get that lawyers are expensive, but he hasn’t had to actually defend himself from anything but public scrutiny yet, and I doubt the preliminary conversations his lawyers have had with the DOJ have totaled up to “millions” of dollars in billable hours.

Something just doesn’t feel right here. If Hunter Biden does try to set up a legal defense fund, alarm bells should be going off for everyone involved. You can’t have the president’s son taking large donations without the implication that something is expected in return. But perhaps the Bidens are shameless enough to run such a scheme anyway? It might be smarter to call up Burisma for another cash injection.


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