A 'Performance' at the World Economic Forum Has Everyone Talking

(Beto Barata/Brazil's presidential press office via AP)

While you are doing normal things like working or taking care of your children, all the world’s self-proclaimed elites are currently in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum. What are they doing there? They are trying to save you, of course.


You see, because you, a mere normal, use a gas stove, drive a car, and generally seek to live a first-world life, you are killing the planet in any number of ways. And who better to raise awareness of that than a conglomerate of ultra-wealthy, all flying into a resort town on private jets?

On Thursday, a performance at the WEF began to make the rounds, and not only is it hilarious, but it perfectly encapsulates everything wrong with the world’s supposed leadership.

The video is one of those things you have to watch, but if you can keep a straight face while doing so, you win a cookie. And look, I get it. The woman singing is obviously talented, but let’s just say this song didn’t do her justice.

This is what the WEF is, though. It’s a gathering of rabid hypocrites who live high-class lifestyles preaching doom over largely obscure causes. That might be fine if the entire intent behind the event wasn’t so sinister. Whether or not one believes there’s a global conspiracy surrounding the WEF to control the world, there’s no doubt it’s stocked with leaders and others who want to control the world.


Freedom of speech? Well, that can lead to hate speech, so we must get rid of it. Freedom of movement? That releases too many carbon emissions. Owning your own home? Suburban sprawl is bad for the environment. Better to have everyone crammed into urban high rises and using public transportation to minimize the “impact.”

All of those are ideas that have been shared at the WEF, most of them this year, with the intention to gain the political power to institute them. Naturally, none of the ultra-rich at Davos has any mind to change their own lifestyles, though. They get to keep their private jets and beach-front properties. Only you, a mere normal, should eat plant-based proteins and ride homeless-filled subways everywhere.

There’s something especially gross about people who operate at that level of hypocrisy, and it’s why the WEF should be shunned and mocked for exactly what it is. There are no actual solutions being garnered. Rather, it’s just a backslapping convention for those privileged enough to want to control the lives of others.


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