Never Trump Is Really Disappointed in Joe Biden, and It's Absolutely Hilarious

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I regret to inform you that Never Trump is really disappointed in Joe Biden.

The president is currently ensnared in a major scandal regarding his illegal taking and possession of classified documents following his vice presidency. No less than four different batches have been found, including some in the filing cabinet of his home office.


In response, the White House has been less than forthcoming in an effort to cover up what happened. Basic questions about how the classified material ended up in Biden’s home and office spaces have gone unanswered while the president himself claims he has no knowledge of anything. Apparently, those classified documents just got into his home office all by themselves.

His excuses have been weak, to say the least, and that’s got Never Trump extraordinaire Mona Charen expressing her distaste with how Biden is handling all this. And while the admission is nice to see, I can’t help but laugh at the implications. We’ll get to that, but first, here’s what she had to say in her piece for TIME.

Except that a few days later, the White House was obliged to acknowledge that the Penn Biden Center documents were not, in fact, the only ones they found. There was a second tranche of documents, this time discovered in Biden’s Delaware home, that they reported to the Archives on December 20, but only acknowledged publicly on January 12, again only after a press leak.

That looks, in these early days, like the kind of dodgy, hide-the-ball behavior that Biden should have been above. The man who was dismayed by the spectacle of classified documents splayed out on the floor of Mar-a-Lago has been transformed into the tetchy pol explaining that documents locked next to a Corvette were hardly “sitting out on the street.” That is demoralizing for those who believe that Biden’s chief accomplishment–and purpose–as president has been to restore a modicum of trust to a nation that has been sunk in suspicion and bitterness for too long. Being not-Trump demands better.


You have to love that last line. Charen can’t help but continue to frame everything as a battle against Donald Trump’s very being. Still, on the merits, she’s correct. Biden snarking about the classified documents not “sitting out on the street” is not how a mature statesman responds to the revelation that he may have committed multiple federal crimes. Further, as has been previously highlighted, the White House has ranged from being obfuscatory to outright lying in trying to explain the situation away.

So do I feel sorry for Charen given how much stock she put in Biden? Not even a little bit. On the contrary, I find her response absolutely hilarious.

For clarity, Joe Biden has never been the stoic statesman with a gentle hand that Charen previously presented him as in order to justify her opposition to Trump. Rather, he has always been an entitled, angry human being who probably doesn’t even take responsibility for conceiving his own kids. Nothing is ever Biden’s fault, and it’s been that way his entire career. That his penchant for buck-passing has escalated as president doesn’t absolve those who fell for the con.

Besides, I find Charen’s insinuation that this is the first real hiccup for Biden to be laughable. Was she asleep while he destroyed Afghanistan and then claimed victory? Or when he ran inflation to levels not seen in nearly half a century? Or when we had a supply chain crisis? Or when he botched his response to Russia, failing to stop them from invading Europe? At what point before his classified documents scandal did Biden “restore a modicum of trust” to the nation? Because I must have missed that.


But hey, whatever. Never Trump hitched their wagon to Biden and now they have to own him. There’s no backing out now with mild chiding in the pages of leftwing rags. They sold their political souls to back a man who they used to vehemently oppose on the basis of core principles. Now, those chickens are coming home to roost, and I’m grabbing popcorn, not making room back in the Republican Party for them.


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