Alexander Vindman Is in the Middle of a Mental Breakdown, Screaming About Goebbels and Elon Musk

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No one can say that some of us didn’t sound the alarm on Alexander Vindman. Even as he was being lauded as a respectable public servant by many Republicans during Donald Trump’s first impeachment, contributors here at RedState were calling the puffy star witness what he really was and remains, which is a deranged, narcissistic authoritarian.


His delusions of grandeur have only increased in intensity over the years, and Vindman has garnered a sizable social media following (perhaps mostly populated with bots). He sees himself as a modern-day George Washington. A freedom fighter, valiantly strategizing on behalf of Ukraine, his home country. In reality, he does MSNBC hits and cries a lot on Twitter.

And boy is he crying on this fine Sunday morning. As I type this, Vindman is in the middle of a mental breakdown, screaming about Joseph Goebbels and proclaiming that Elon Musk should be prosecuted for unspecified crimes. It’s not pretty, and the following tweet is just one of many.

Where to begin? Twitter is not dying. In fact, the social media site is setting records for usage, largely because Elon Musk took over and fired the leftwing hacks running the place, ending their partisan censorship regime. So yeah, Vindman’s not off to a good start with that blatant lie, and things just devolve from there.


He goes on to say that Musk “cannot be allowed” to have free speech because he’s supposedly promoting “dangerous radical views.” Then there’s the comparison with Joseph Goebbels. Of course, Vindman misspelled the former Hitler propagandist’s name because he’s just not that smart, and he’s also clearly in the midst of a mental break.

And when I say mental break, I mean it. It just kept going and going.

I told you it wasn’t pretty. Who could have guessed that criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci would be what sent Vindman over the edge? He’s railing against Elon Musk’s businesses, demanding people “stop Twitter” while posting on…Twitter. Because that’s what totally normal, sane people do. He wants Musk put in jail, not because he committed a crime, but because he says things the pudgy ex-Army officer doesn’t like. There’s someone acting like Goebbels here, but it’s not Musk.


But beneath the deserved mockery Vindman is receiving, there’s something more sinister. Remember, this is a guy who rose through the ranks of the military to serve in the White House. These are the kinds of people influencing our foreign policy. Deranged, tyrannical lunatics who believe private citizens should be imprisoned for exercising free speech.

That’s a scary thing and this isn’t even Vindman’s first brush with totalitarianism. He previously called for the US government to nationalize Musk’s Starlink system so Ukraine could continue to use it for free. When these people tell you who they are, believe them. I’m only disappointed that so many on the right didn’t immediately see this charlatan for who he is.


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