Elon Musk Adds Bari Weiss to the 'Twitter Files' Team, Which Is Sure to Cause Mass Consternation

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Is Elon Musk just trolling at this point? That’s a real possibility given who he’s chosen to give access to the now infamous “Twitter files” surrounding the censorship of the Hunter Biden story. It’s not that the reporters involved aren’t great at their jobs. On the contrary, they are excellent choices in that regard. Rather, it’s the hysterical reactions they elicit.


First came Matt Taibbi, who spent Friday evening posting revelations from the document dump. Naturally, he was excoriated by his leftwing colleagues who feel Americans are too stupid to have unfettered access to information. Now, Musk is upping the ante, giving Bari Weiss access to mine the files as well.

For reasons I’ve never quite understood, Weiss is roundly hated by the mean girls club that is the mainstream media. After essentially being forced out at The New York Times, she spilled the beans on just how corrupt and biased her former employer is. That made her a bit of a pariah, with mentions of her name causing mass consternation across the press corps.

What’s so silly about that dynamic is that Weiss is actually fairly liberal, at least in the traditional sense. What makes her different, though, is that she’s fair-minded and willing to tackle topics others don’t want to touch for partisan reasons. Namely, there are some groups of people the mainstream media hates to offer any negative coverage to, and Weiss has been willing to tell their stories with an unbiased eye.


It’s not a coincidence that Musk chose Taibbi and Weiss to headline his release of the Twitter files. He knows it tweaks those who are working to destroy him, and the billionaire is all about his troll game. More importantly, though, he also knows that he will get the story out there without it going through the partisan filter of your typical hack at CNN or The Washington Post.

The suppression of the Hunter Biden story, in coordination with Democrat election officials and the Biden campaign, is a serious matter. Musk could have just dumped the documents out into the open indiscriminately, but doing so would have unnecessarily muddied the waters and allowed the leftwing press to continue to obfuscate. Tapping serious reporters with serious records to sift through things and bring forth the most stunning aspects is an excellent strategy.


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