John Fetterman Is Getting Worse

Since John Fetterman rolled to victory in Pennsylvania’s Democrat primary for the US Senate, the story surrounding his massive stroke has changed multiple times. Following his disastrous debate performance against Republican Mehmet Oz, a series of recent media appearances are starting to paint a clearer picture, though.


In short, John Fetterman is getting worse.

Early on, his caretakers (including his wife) insisted that Fetterman was fine and was suffering no ill effects. Eventually, written reports of his inability to communicate started to leak out, but it was rejoining of the campaign trail that really lifted the veil. Fetterman made numerous, extremely short speeches in public where he appeared to stumble over his words in ways that weren’t normal. He’d repeat words, forget words, and makeup words.

When he started to do media interviews sometime in September, it was impossible to hide his condition any longer. Far from just having a few brain farts, Fetterman clearly was having trouble processing what others were saying to him. That led to him using closed captioning, including at the debate. Unfortunately, it did not appear to help him at all because his problem is obviously not auditory as claimed.

Here are the two most recent clips to illustrate what I mean.


Fetterman is completely out of it, and no one with an ounce of honesty would assert anything else. Don Lemon does his best to gloss over it, but there’s just no glossing over it for those watching.

Here’s the thing. While we have spent months arguing over when Fetterman will recover from his stroke, very few people have spent the time asking if he will recover from his stroke. He is absolutely getting worse at this moment. If you go watch clips of the Democrat just after his stroke, he was far more capable of understanding and communicating than he is now. Even in the last month, he is noticeably more incoherent than he was in September.

Something is going on with his health that isn’t being made public, which is almost certainly why he refuses to release his actual medical records. Instead, he relied on a primary care doctor who is a big campaign donor to write him a letter that he’s “fit to be serve,” as Fetterman stated at the debate.


Strokes are not predictable. A lot of people die within a few years of having the type that Fetterman had. Far from a recovery being expected, it is completely possible that he will continue to deteriorate. Certainly, he’s not going to be well enough to actually do his job by January. Pennsylvanians must stop this farce before they end up saddled with Fetterman for six years. I say that because there is no chance his overly ambitious wife, who longs to be a political star, is going to let him resign. It’ll be a cluster, and as of right now, it’s avoidable if voters act.



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