WATCH: Fetterman Falters Again as Don Lemon Busts Him on Fracking Lies

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John Fetterman was on with Don Lemon on Tuesday morning and yes, he was using the close captioning system for the interview. But that didn’t solve the problems for him.


Don Lemon has been switched to the CNN morning show after being demoted by CEO Chris Licht from his show in the evening. Fetterman was a big test for him because normally he would be spewing all kinds of Democratic-supporting vitriol in such an interview. But now he appeared to be making an attempt to ask real questions of Fetterman on some of the important questions.

Lemon pushed on the question of the medical records. Fetterman has refused to release his medical records or have people question his doctors. All he’s submitted is a letter from one of his doctors who is also a donor saying that he’s able to serve. So Lemon asked him if he was trying to hide something from the voters. Lemon said Fetterman was asking voters to trust him “without the full story.” Fetterman continued to duck the question and say scrambled things.

“I just believe that we have our doctors weigh in on that, and they believe that I’m fit to serve,” Fetterman said. Of course, the doctors haven’t fully “weighed in” and we haven’t seen the medical records. After the debate where it became clear what a problem Fetterman has with basic understanding, voters have a right to the answers. Democrats don’t care about his health or whether he can serve, all they’re hoping is they can get him across the line, so they can hold control of the Senate and hold onto power. That’s shameful.


There was this answer about Elon Musk and Twitter that didn’t make a lot of sense.

But the problem isn’t just his cognition, it’s his horrible policies and failure to understand the issues.

Lemon asked a good question about inflation and if he thought Joe Biden could have done more about it. Fetterman gave a bizarre answer, again it was scrambled, but he tried to blame the 2017 Trump tax cuts for inflation rather than Joe Biden’s spending, “is well true.”

Inflation was 1.4 percent under Trump and is now 8.2 under Joe Biden, so this is nonsense. Fetterman says nothing about spending. Instead, he appeared to say that the answer was to bring those rates back “into align with what they should have been.” Translation: it sure sounded like he just said that his solution for inflation would be to tax people more in the middle of a recession. If you wanted to make things worse, that’s exactly what you’d do. That also would put paid to Biden’s claim that he wasn’t going to raise taxes on people.

Watch this exchange where Lemon again asks a good question about Fetterman’s lie on fracking. During the debate, Fetterman claimed he’d always supported fracking — a demonstrable lie, which Dr. Mehmet Oz and the moderators both rebutted. Fetterman tried to clean it up in this interview and say that his prior position against fracking (which he previously had denied) was because of environmental concerns. But Lemon nails him on that.


Lemon notes that the environmental regulations changed in 2016, so then why was he against it in 2018? Fetterman seems stunned and has no real answer, saying “They were all part of that.” What does that even mean? That wasn’t an answer, because there was no real answer. He was just lying and flip-flopping.

Astonishing to say it, but that was a good interview by Lemon and it busted Fetterman in yet another lie. Maybe he wants to keep his job, or maybe CNN wants to change, but they just caught Fetterman lying again.


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