Joe Biden's Meme Presidency

Joe Biden mimics a popular online meme, bragging about the economy while eating ice cream. (Credit: Twitter)

A trip to the grocery store these days has become tortuous for normal Americans as food prices have skyrocketed, and a subsequent trip to the gas station provides no relief. The pain only extends out from there. Want to fly to visit that family member you normally see every year? The price is higher. Want to grab a hotel room for a weekend getaway? The price is higher. Need to buy the kids some new school clothes? The price is higher.


There is no escape from Joe Biden’s economy, a reality that is clearly pushing the shift towards Republicans as the mid-terms approach.

In the midst of such turmoil, the White House has fumbled about, desperately seeking a messaging strategy that might deliver some political relief. Unfortunately for the president’s handlers, it’s impossible to keep Biden locked down. As RedState reported, he went out on Saturday and perfectly encapsulated his detractors’ most ardent criticisms.

More incredibly, he did the meme.

And with that, Biden’s meme presidency was born. Far from the far-flung proclamations that the current president would exhibit a return to normalcy, we are now at the point where Biden is so out-of-touch that he’s mimicking famous internet mockery without even realizing it. He even managed to get the type of waffle cone and color of the ice cream right. Had he been wearing aviators in the video clip, the entire space-time continuum may have collapsed in on itself.

Sure, you can’t afford to take your kids to visit their grandma for Thanksgiving, but rest assured, “the economy is strong as hell,” according to Joe Biden. Everything is just great, and if you disagree, you are probably just too stupid to realize how great everything is. After all, the president has a beach house and is doing just fine.


Meanwhile, millions of Americans are having to delay their retirement because their 401ks and IRAs have crashed.

I’m not near retirement age, but as someone who has been contributing above-average amounts to multiple retirement accounts since I was 21 years old, that 25 percent drop in less than a year is correct. It’s almost certainly true for all those reading this right now as well. But “the economy is strong as hell,” our valiant, totally not senile president wants you to know as he munches down on yet another scoop of double-chocolate chip ice cream.

We are long past the point of this just being insulting and have moved into the realm of it being cruel. The President of the United States wants you to suffer. Why? Because he believes that your suffering could produce transformational shifts (specifically on energy), cementing his legacy. You are paying more at the grocery store and to heat your home on the off chance that Biden might get an extra paragraph in the history books. That’s what this comes down to.


Biden is not empathic. He’s a selfish, ambitious old man surrounded by selfish, ambitious handlers. His presidency isn’t a return or normalcy. It’s a meme.


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