Biden Does More 'Creeping and Sniffing,' With Moment That Could Not Be More Out of Touch

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As I reported earlier, Joe Biden was in Oregon he spoke at a town hall where he seemed to forget the name of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) who he had introduced shortly before. He lied about inflation, as well as some confused statements about his grandfather and coffee machines.


Biden also made a stop for ice cream while he was in Gresham, Oregon at a Baskin Robbins. He ordered the double dip chocolate chip in a waffle cone. When he addressed the economy, he delivered a real “Let them eat ice cream moment” while lying about the economy again. “The economy is strong as hell,” Biden declared. He indicated he wasn’t worried about the United States.

“I am not concerned about the strength of the dollar. I am concerned about the rest of the world,” Biden declared.
The economy is strong as hell,” he incredibly said. He tried to deflect from inflation here saying, “Inflation is worldwide. It’s worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States. The problem is the lack of economic growth […] in other countries.”

Talk about his head in the sand, or in this case the ice cream. That’s a “Let them eat ice cream” moment. He could not be more out of touch. He’s shoveling the ice cream into his face trying to say the problem is worse elsewhere so he’s not worried, while people are struggling to survive. Some are figuring out the pennies and can’t afford the ice cream luxury that he’s shoveling into his face. It also costs more under him. The average American family has now lost $6,000 in annual wages under Biden due to inflation, that’s up from $4200 in September. That may not “concern” Biden but it does concern American families. His claim about it being worse everywhere else is also a lie.


Biden made this meme real.

Biden also focused in on a girl who was sitting in the store and went over to shake her hand. It’s hard to tell what he said and he held her hand longer than is required to shake it. But it isn’t hard to see how fast the little girl pulled her hand away from him.

Biden also bent in, sniffing the head of the woman next to the little girl. He also appeared to kiss the top of her head.

This was the second “creeping and sniffing” incident within two days. On Friday, he put his hand on a little girl’s shoulder and then made a creepy comment about her not dating seriously until she was in her 30s when he was in California on Friday at Irvine Valley College.

Hasn’t anyone told him to keep his hands and lips to himself yet? If they have, they need to again, because he needs to keep his hands and his lips to himself. Just like his incoherence, this seems to be getting out of control too.



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