Herschel Walker Drops a Banger Response When Asked About Biden's Policies

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Herschel Walker seems to be back in the game for Georgia’s senate seat after a series of coordinated hit pieces dropped weeks prior, accusing him of paying for a girlfriend’s abortion back in 2009. Since then, Walker has overperformed at the only agreed-upon debate of the cycle, putting Democrat Raphael Warnock back on the defensive.


How all that will translate on election day in a race that has some built-in advantages for Warnock is an open question and one that won’t be answered until all the votes are counted. In the meantime, Walker is doing everything he can to consolidate support in the swing state, including giving more interviews.

Part of Walker’s appeal has been his down-home persona despite it earning mockery from those who don’t live within a thousand miles of Georgia. He’s not a politician, and that’s blatantly obvious when he speaks. If you are from the South, absolutely nothing about his delivery seems odd or out of place. To the beltway-dwelling liberals who control the press, though, Walker might as well be from an alien world.

Regardless, I’m not convinced Walker’s relatable stylings are a bad thing in the Peach State, and they were on display during a recent Meet the Press interview. In it, the Republican dropped a banger of a line when asked about Joe Biden’s policies.


I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw that clip, but I must offer a correction of the Beacon’s transcription. Walker did not say, “he eats a lot of ice cream.” Rather, in true southern fashion, he said, “he eat a lotta ice cream.” And while the too-online liberal contingent thought it was another self-own because that must mean Walker is dumb, I’d submit the exchange was a net win for the Republican. Not only was it funny and relevant given Biden’s recent ice cream escapades, but it was said in a way familiar to a heck of a lot of people who live in the South.

Regardless, let’s talk a bit about the question itself. When is the last time you heard a journalist in the mainstream media ask a Democrat what Donald Trump policies they support (during or after his term)? Has that ever happened? Yet, it’s something I’ve seen asked of Republicans several times in the last few years.

Why? It’s certainly not a question meant in good faith. Instead, it’s meant to grant a premise that has not been earned, namely that at least some of Biden’s policies are good. Contrary to the setup, it is actually perfectly acceptable to not agree with any of the president’s political desires. Yet, the press deeply wants to affirm the current White House regardless of the tangible outcomes. Getting a Republican on record saying Biden has done something good is the clip they want, and Walker was smart to not give it to them.



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