Fetterman's Wife Feels 'Rage,' Wants Reporter Punished for Bombshell Interview

AP Photo/Rebecca Droke

The fallout continues after a recent bombshell interview revealed that Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman is far worse off mentally than his campaign had admitted.


According to MSNBC’s Dasha Burns, who secured the first in-person interview of Fetterman of the entire general election cycle, the Democrat had trouble “understanding” her small talk and had to rely on a closed captioning system to answer questions. Further, clips from the interview showed that Fetterman struggled to formulate answers even with the closed captioning system.

Those issues are the result of a massive stroke Fetterman suffered back in May after ignoring his doctors for half a decade. But while you’d think his condition and fitness would be a big story, the press instead attacked their own, suggesting that Burns’ interview was out of bounds and was somehow discriminating against a disabled person.

Enter Fetterman’s wife, who appeared on leftwing hack Molly Jon Fast’s podcast. Apparently, Gisele Fetterman feels “rage” about the incident and she’s now openly calling for the reporter to be punished.



The speed at which Fetterman’s handlers, including his wife, went from insisting there was nothing wrong with the Democrat to now proclaiming him disabled and off-limits is truly astounding. For months, the narrative they pushed was that Fetterman was just recovering from his stroke and was otherwise fine. Now, things have shifted to calling him disabled, with the latest suggestion being that he’ll need to use closed captioning in the US Senate to function.

Meanwhile, Gisele Fetterman also tried to suggest on Twitter that her husband’s ailment is the same as ADHD or needing glasses. The problem is that he’s not blind, and ADHD does not prevent someone from mentally processing information. Fetterman is also not “hard of hearing,” another thing his wife claimed. He can hear just fine, which is why he doesn’t wear a hearing aid. Rather, he has brain damage from his stroke that prevents him from processing things he hears and things he wants to say.

Regardless, it strikes me as absolutely insane that Giselle Fetterman would want a reporter punished for simply informing the public of her husband’s tenuous condition. The point of journalism is to report the facts. That’s what Burns did. She shouldn’t be punished. She should be lauded.


But what makes this spectacle even more ridiculous is that none of Burns’ colleagues at MSNBC have defended her. In fact, some, such as Stephanie Ruhle, have made their own attacks. How far has the journalistic profession fallen if it is now a bad thing to be honest with the public?

Besides, who is Gisele Fetterman exactly? Is she running for office? Why should any of us care what she has to say? I realize that these mentally stunted Democrats, including Joe Biden, have to have handlers, but that doesn’t make their wives’ opinions any more relevant. Lastly, it should be a big red flag that the Fettermans view themselves as so entitled that reporters should be punished for fairly reporting on them. Is that who Pennsylvanians want to represent them in the US Senate? Let’s hope not.


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