Major Narrative Shift Occurs on Fetterman's Health, Press Rush to Circle the Wagons

An MSNBC interview with John Fetterman made waves on Tuesday, and by the evening, it also led to a major narrative shift about the Democrat’s health following the massive stroke he suffered back in May.


As RedState reported, during the interview, Fetterman had trouble comprehending small talk with the reporter and had to rely on a giant Macbook screen to deliver closed captioning for him. Even then, he stumbled over his words and got confused while responding, a common theme during his few public appearances since rejoining the campaign trail.

The interview was a mask-off moment for Fetterman, laying bare his true condition, and that left the campaign scrambling. And because the press is an arm of any major Democrat campaign, they were left scrambling as well. Here’s a bit of what they looked like, from Fetterman’s wife to numerous journalists.

It’s almost like “journalists” collude with one another to deliver a consistent narrative in order to influence public opinion not based on the facts, but on partisan goals. But I digress, the “he just has a hearing impairment” line is a shift from past claims that Fetterman is otherwise fine and was simply recovering from his stroke.


It appears the new narrative is that his problems are permanent and that he’ll need accommodations in the US Senate. Some in the media even tried to compare the Democrat’s condition to needing a wheelchair or a hearing aid.

Needing a wheelchair is not at all the same as someone being unable to fulfill the basic duties of the senate, which largely include speech and debate. It is insulting to the disabled to suggest that. Greg Abbott is not cognitively impaired. Neither is Tammy Duckworth.

Besides, on the issue of his hearing, have you noticed what Fetterman doesn’t wear? He does not wear a hearing aid, which wouldn’t be the case if he were simply hard of hearing. Clearly, the man can hear just fine. Rather, his problems are cognitive. He can’t process what he hears and likewise, he can’t process what he says as well. Your grandfather is “hard of hearing.” Fetterman is not “hard of hearing.” He’s got brain damage resulting from his stroke, and there’s no evidence it’s going to magically heal itself by January.


How does this man debate? I think the answer is that he doesn’t. Still, the rush to circle the wagons was a sight to behold. Here’s a helpful meme that shows the progression of the last month or so in the media.

Ironically, while Democrats insist a debilitating stroke isn’t disqualifying this go around, back in 2016, they said the opposite about then-Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois. In fact, the Chicago-Tribune cited Kirk’s stroke as the reason they wouldn’t endorse him. That despite the fact that the Republican didn’t appear to have the cognitive issues Fetterman has, though he required a cane and wheelchair at times.

This entire thing is a joke. Fetterman is not capable of being a senator, and Democrats know it. But they are so thirsty for power that they’ll support just about anyone to attain it. Never mind that Fetterman’s policy positions are as disastrous as his health. It’s up to the voters of Pennsylvania to say enough is enough and reject this farce.


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