Capitol Police Release Damning Facts, Slam DOJ Decision to Not Charge the 'Colbert Nine'

In one of the most expected, predictable moves imaginable, the Department of Justice announced on Monday that it would not charge the so-called “Colbert Nine” after they illegally entered the US Capitol Building last June.


Nine members of far-left TV host Stephen Colbert’s production team were arrested on June 16th after refusing to leave the premises. They had previously been told they must have an escort and that their entry wasn’t permitted. In its decision to not prosecute, the DOJ presented the situation as one big misunderstanding, noting that the Colbert team members had been invited by congressional members, including Rep. Adam Schiff.

What the DOJ didn’t do in its whitewash was provide all the damning information that should have led to charges being filed. Now, the USCP is doing that for them, responding to an inquiry by laying out the timeline and painting a far different picture.


If you read the entire statement, it’s abundantly clear that this was not just a misunderstanding brought about by a group of people who weren’t aware of the rules. They were informed multiple times over multiple days via multiple incidents that they could not be in any of the Capitol buildings without a credentialed escort. Earlier on June 16th, they had been escorted out of the Capitol Rotunda and told the rules. Their intent to ignore the law in order to harass GOP members isn’t in doubt.

It’s also untrue that they were invited into the building on June 16th, which is the primary excuse given by the DOJ for not pressing charges. Their scheduled meetings were on June 15th. Further, contrary to the idea of them being unwitting, the group was specifically denied the credentials they requested for that next day and chose to illegally enter anyway. Ironically, it was a Democrat staffer who called the police on Colbert’s team because he was terrified by all the screaming and yelling going on.

The idea that there wasn’t enough evidence for the DOJ to at least charge them with misdemeanors is farcical. If this were a group of Republicans illegally entering the Capitol Building multiple times to harass Democrat congressional members, they’d still be in solitary confinement right now. Everyone knows it because everyone knows our justice system is a two-tiered joke. Being of the left in Washington, DC, is essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card.


Lastly, doesn’t it sort of feel like the USCP is realizing it’s been played by Democrats over the last year and a half for political gain? Capitol Police have gone from being hailed as heroes of January 6th to having Democrat members openly defy them and accuse them of insurrection. The tone of that letter detailing the “Colbert Nine” incident is certainly forceful and very interesting.



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