The White House Thinks You Are Stupid

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Inflation topped nine percent for the first time since 1981 on Wednesday, marking another escalation in consumer prices. Real wages also plummeted -3.6 percent, as Americans continue to have their finances squeezed from all sides.


There’s no end in sight, either. Even as consumer prices explode, Democrats in Washington are working to spend another few trillion dollars. As for any empathy concerning the plight of those in the poor and middle-class, don’t go to the White House for any. This was the statement they put out.

Let me translate that for you: You are stupid.

That’s the message the White House is conveying by putting out that insulting, nonsensical statement, in response to an inflation report that came in at nearly 15 percent higher than when Biden took office. Remember, the 9.1 percent number for last month is being compared year over year to June 2021. But inflation had already spiked over four percent by that point in Biden’s tenure.

Besides, the excuses being given don’t make any sense. Take the idea that energy represents almost half the monthly increase shown in the report. So, what? That would still mean inflation is at about 8.9 percent, higher than May’s 8.6 percent, and a record-high under the current president. That’s the positive spin the White House wants to roll with? Really?


Apparently, it is, because again, they think you are stupid. They truly believe they can wave their hand, call numbers that were just released “out-of-date,” and complete some kind of Jedi mind-trick on the American people. Eggs cost 33 percent more than they did a year ago. Coffee is up 15 percent. Meat products are up double digits. And Biden’s message is “those numbers are out of date.” You’ve got to be kidding me.

Even the mention of gas prices being down 30 cents–but supposedly not being reflected in the June report–is false. As of this writing, only 13 days in July have passed. That means that the majority of the days being cited by the White House where gas prices decreased are reflected in the June report.

This game of pretending Americans are idiots isn’t a new thing either. The Biden administration has been playing it for a long time.

How many times were we told inflation wasn’t going to be an issue? That it would be transitory? That it had plateaued? That it was set to decrease (that was just last month)? Time and again, Biden and his handlers have made proclamations that are based on nothing at all. It’s gaslighting of the highest order, and they keep doing it because they think they can get away with treating Americans like they are idiots. Heck, they are doing the same thing regarding the recession that has already arrived, pointing at the sky and insisting it’s not blue.


Voters need to show this president and his party in November that they aren’t going to be treated like children. That’s the only way to push back on the arrogance and disinformation constantly coming from the White House.


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