5th Circuit Slaps Down Joe Biden's SEC, Liberals Promptly Lose Their Minds

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

“Everything I don’t like is a threat to democracy” has become the new slogan of the Democrat Party, and it was put on display again this week after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals slapped down Joe Biden’s SEC.


In a ruling that restored constitutional protections and left Democrats screaming bloody murder, the court found that the SEC does not have the power to internally decide to seize assets from those they feel have committed a crime.

Some might be asking how the SEC ever gained such power in the first place, where an internal, administrative judge can unilaterally steal people’s property. After all, doesn’t the Seventh Amendment guarantee the right to a jury trial? The legislature that delegated such power is mostly to blame, and the SEC has taken that raw power to extremes over the years.

Yet, what strikes me the most is the reaction to this ruling. Here are a few examples of the meltdown that occurred in one Twitter exchange.

For context, a professor at Georgetown University is quote-tweeting a supposed legal expert, decrying how radical it is that a court told an administrative agency they can’t violate the rights of individual citizens. You almost have to admire the guy’s word salad of describing it as violating the “people’s ability to collectively act to protect their economic security.” It would have been easier for him to say he supports an all-powerful, completely unconstitutional administrative state–because that’s exactly what he supports.


And that’s the bigger story here. The Democrat Party does not care one iota about individual rights. They see government as a bludgeon to be used in whatever way they please. If that means violating the Fourth and Seventh Amendments, then they are perfectly fine with that–as long as it serves their end goal. That’s not just true at the SEC. It’s true in every single bloated, inefficient government bureaucracy.

What the 5th Circuit did here is so important because it lays the groundwork for the Supreme Court to fully gut the administrative state and return the power to the people. If Congress wants to do something, they should be made to pass laws, not rely on unelected bureaucrats to do their bidding with no accountability. Never mind the massive taxpayer-funded financial expenditure that is represented. The consternation over a court deciding that people do indeed have rights is astonishing to witness.



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