The Empire Strikes Back at Elon Musk

The Empire Strikes Back at Elon Musk
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Elon Musk announced Thursday morning his effort to buy Twitter and save it for free speech from the clutches of the liberal elite. His announcement is already causing liberal meltdowns all over the place.

But are they already trying to stop him? Fox’s Charlie Gasparino has some troubling news that looks like the Empire may be striking back.

“As @elonmusk offers to buy the rest of @Twitter a legal source tells @FoxBusiness @SECGov and @TheJusticeDept have launched what he described as a “joint investigation” into a myriad of Musk regulatory issues primarily involving @Tesla,” Gasparino tweeted.

Oh, what interesting timing this is! Just as Elon Musk makes this announcement. Now, I can’t make a judgment on the legality of whatever they might have in their mind without knowing more. We’ll have to see what’s behind this. Suddenly they have questions about Tesla just as he’s making this big move on Twitter? If it’s just about filing forms with the SEC late, that’s no big thing. But the mention of the DOJ sounds like it’s more than that. But it sure looks to me that after Elon made his 4D chess move this morning, this is an attempt to check his effort. It looks like a warning: You go ahead and step in the effort against liberal control and we will make things tough on you.

We saw how the powers of the government were manipulated against President Donald Trump in the Russia collusion hoax. They do not want to lose power or control of the narrative. This looks like they’re panicking. Watch for more arms of the state to start leveling themselves at Elon as well. Look for all the media to start calling him racist and evil, or anything else that they think they can aim at him.

How concerning is this when it looks like the government interceding here? That should concern all of us who care about freedom and who care about the independence of our law enforcement from the dictates of the powerful.

But here’s another thing: Elon Musk is a free speech absolutist. He knew that he was going to be attacked. And yet he did this anyway knowing that people would be gunning for him. So the fact that he did it anyway says a lot about him and his desire for change. Hopefully, he’s able to stand firm against them. But seeing how he’s dealt with things in the past, he’s likely to stand in there and fight, if he’s able.

Democrats have to be flipping out. They see they are likely to crash and burn big time in the midterms. Now, one of the major avenues of control of information might be lost to them, much as the White House was lost to them under Trump. If that happens, that’s a big blow for long-term freedom. But the powers that be are not going to let it go without a fight.

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