January 6th Committee Has a Laughable New 'Bombshell,' Lefties Promptly Run With Disinformation

January 6th Committee Has a Laughable New 'Bombshell,' Lefties Promptly Run With Disinformation
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The walls are closing in. That I’m assured of as the January 6th Committee moves closer to its public hearings. In the lead-up, they’ve been relentlessly leaking supposed “bombshells,” hoping to prime the pump before their big climax falls flat on its taxpayer-funded face.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, who was thoroughly owned by a pro-life advocate in an unrelated hearing recently, has proclaimed that what they’ve found will “blow the roof off the House.” Prior to that, we heard tales of a mysterious “gap” in Donald Trump’s phone records. In reality, he was using the phones of staffers and the White House’s cell-to-landline network, of which there are also records.

You get the idea. This committee has absolutely nothing, and it has been reduced to counting on the media to run misleading headlines covering stories that aren’t even worth reporting. On that note, Kyle Cheney of Politico reported for duty on Thursday evening, dropping a story that manages to push a false far-left conspiracy theory before eventually acknowledging there’s no there, there.

Sounds terrible right? Those dastardly Republicans lied about giving tours on January 5th, which naturally means that “insurrectionists” were working with GOP congressional members to “case” the Capitol Building.

Sure enough, that’s the narrative that is now blowing up on social media. Here’s one big example, though, you can find many more in the replies to Cheney’s post.

So what’s the real story? Well, the real story is that there’s no story at all. Loudermilk, the congressman in question, was leading a family to one of the offices in an adjacent building. To the extent that such counted as a “tour,” it was not a tour of the Capitol Building itself. Further, as Cheney admits in his follow-up tweet, there is no evidence whatsoever that the instance had anything to do with January 6th.

Cheney and the rest of the media know exactly what they are doing, though. They meant for this report to serve as red meat, not just for the January 6th committee, but also for the left at large while excluding key context in their headlines. There are replies to this literally calling for the jailing of Loudermilk for leading a constituent family to an office. But tell me more about how it’s Republicans that are a threat to freedom and democracy.

In closing, the January 6th hearings are going to be a joke. They have absolutely nothing but wildly out-of-context supposition. What you’ll see are the same useless emotional witnesses they trotted out last year again with a mixture of Republican subpoenaed witnesses who will provide nothing of value. There was no conspiracy to attack the Capitol, Donald Trump did not incite an “insurrection,” and this committee is a blatantly political dumpster fire.

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