WATCH: Violence Breaks out at Pro-Abortion Protest After Democrat Politicians Call to 'Fight'

WATCH: Violence Breaks out at Pro-Abortion Protest After Democrat Politicians Call to 'Fight'
Pro-abortion protesters get violent in Los Angeles, destroying police cars and attacking officers (Credit: @jessrayerogers)

If you’ve been reading RedState lately, you are well aware of the insane reactions coming from the left in regards to the probable overturning of Roe v. Wade. One in particular involved Elizabeth Warren, who had a hysterical meltdown in Washington, DC, on Tuesday. You can check out my coverage of that by clicking here.

One comment, in particular, involved Warren screaming for pro-abortion fanatics to “fight,” and it looks like a group of far-left protesters in Los Angeles took up that mantle. A small riot broke out resulting in a police car being smashed and physical confrontations with police. Here’s the video of Warren followed by several videos of the violence in California.

I apologize in advance for making you watch the following derangement, but it needs to be seen.

Eventually, the police exited their vehicles and things got even more out of control, with objects, including a scooter, being thrown at them. Of course, the left is pretending that the proceeding show of force was completely unprovoked, but the above videos show the police were only responding to violence perpetrated against them.

Now, I’ve been assured that when a politician calls for their supporters to “fight,” that is a direct call to violence. In fact, one of the phrases that have continuously been used to “prove” that Donald Trump incited January 6th, despite the fact he told people to protest peacefully, is that he asked the crowd to “fight like hell.” Given that new, overly broad standard laid out by Democrats and the media, it is only fair to suggest that Elizabeth Warren is inciting violence when she flails about demanding pro-abortion fanatics “fight.”

She won’t be treated the same way, though. What you will see instead is a sudden contraction of the standard set forth by herself and others in order to protect leftwing politicians from getting the blame for the violence that follows their rhetoric.

We aren’t going to let them get away with that. They wanted these to be the new rules, and they are dang sure going to play by them. More violence is almost certain as we approach the official decision from the Supreme Court on Roe. Those of us who have had to hear about January 6th non-stop for over a year will be more than happy to assign that violence to the Democrats who are currently screaming their heads off for people to “fight” and “push back.” If words have consequences, then they have consequences for both sides. The new rules are in effect.

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