The FBI's Grotesque Rehab Tour Commences

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It has not been a good several years for the FBI.

The organization’s checkered history got more checkered during the 2016 election after then FBI Dir. James Comey decided to rewrite the law on the fly to not charge Hillary Clinton for clearly breaking the law. From there, things just went downhill. The Russian collusion hoax took center stage, eventually leading to Comey’s well-deserved ouster.


Unfortunately, his replacement was another “company man” ready to “protect the shield” instead of bringing the reforms the bureau so desperately needed. Christopher Wray, the current FBI Director, fought tooth and nail to cover up the FISA abuse that targeted Trump associates, slow-walking releases, and never actually disciplining anyone substantially for what happened. All the while, he adopted the leftwing talking point of “white supremacy” being the preeminent threat in the land.

As an aside, can you name the last notable white supremacist attack without googling it (i.e. one that rises above a local crime story)? It’d have to be the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, right? That was in 2018, four years ago. Sure, white supremacy, like all grotesque, hateful ideologies, will always pose some threat, but does that sound like the most pressing domestic threat in the nation to you? Of course, the recent rash of black supremacist attacks has not drawn any public declaration from the FBI.

Back to Wray, though, his masterpiece happened just prior to the 2020 election. In a move tailor-made to influence the presidential election, the FBI arrested multiple people for supposedly plotting a “right-wing” plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Headlines screamed about the dangers of “radicalization” posed by Republican candidates, specifically Donald Trump.

That all blew up in the spring of 2022. As RedState reported (see here and here), multiple defendants were acquitted while the jury hung on others because the FBI obviously entrapped them. Wray’s “good guys” essentially invented a plot, recruited vulnerable individuals into it, and pushed them to try to execute it. And it all just so happened to play into the left’s narrative right before a major election. What a coincidence, right? I could get into the FBI’s insanely biased tactics regarding January 6th as well, but I think anyone reading this is well aware of them.


Now, the FBI’s rehab tour has commenced. Wray appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday, touting how great he is and singing the praises of the bureau. Here’s what that nauseating spectacle looked like.

Do you know who doesn’t believe deeply in the work and people of the FBI? Anyone who has been paying attention to how the bureau has operated over the last half-decade, and that’s being kind given how much corruption the FBI has endured before that, beginning at its inception. Instead of acknowledging that changes need to be made, Wray continues to keep up this facade that his organization is blameless in the midst of so much scandal.

Sadly, at this point, I think Wray has pushed things so far that even if he did change course, the FBI will forever be distrusted by a large portion of the country. That’s unfortunate because we need law enforcement. We need honest people who are going to do honest work in upholding the rule of law. Wray’s leadership has not brought that, though. Rather he’s been a political actor, quick to adopt the Biden administration’s talking points while absconding from the threats staring him in the face because they aren’t politically convenient, and continuing to double down on virtue that doesn’t exist isn’t a strategy.


Hopefully, Wray’s tenure serves as a lesson for any Republican who retakes the White House in 2024. I don’t care what the political ramifications are, he must be fired on day one, and the mistake that Trump made appointing him in the first place must not be repeated with the next appointee.



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