WATCH: Absolute Karen Blasts Ron DeSantis for Telling Her Son He Didn't Have to Mask

In case you missed it, Ron DeSantis has been trending all day because he had the temerity to tell some high school students that they didn’t have to wear masks around him. He also told them that they didn’t do anything anyway, and in doing so, the Florida governor touched the third-rail of leftwing religiosity. For a liberal, questioning mask-wearing is the equivalent of burning a cross in their front yard.


Now, because everything is stupid, the mother of one of the students who took his mask off is blasting DeSantis, claiming he put everyone at risk and undermined her as a parent. See if you can spot the irony in the clip.

The unadulterated absurdity of this is just incredible. Really, in regards to politics, this is like the filet mignon of lunacy. It perfectly combines the deranged irrationality of the left with a dose of absolute hypocrisy, to boot.

This is not a mother who actually believes masks do anything. Do you want to know how I know that? Because she is ranting and raving while…not wearing a mask. Of course, that only adds to the entertainment factor because it means we got to see all her crazy facial expressions, as she insists that her child was put at risk because he removed his completely ineffective cloth mask for a moment.


And while the son claims he “felt pressured,” the dude was more than happy to take his face diaper off when DeSantis gave him the option. Just look at his reaction presented in choice meme form.

That’s the face of a kid who is telling his mom he’s going to bed, when he’s really sneaking out the window. He didn’t want to wear that pointless mask, which is why he was more than happy to take it off when given the choice.

As to the hypocrisy I mentioned, Democrats who spent years supporting forced masking are now responding to this clip by claiming DeSantis encroached on this mother’s choice. How very convenient, right? You see, according to the left, parental control is a bad thing unless that control is being wielded to do something a Republican doesn’t like.

Regardless, the fact is that DeSantis gave the students a choice. He did not force them to take their masks off, and this kid removed his because he wanted to. That his mother is having such a meltdown about it says nothing good about her ability to understand and process risk, of which there was none.


This is just partisan politics run amok because there’s no science behind high school students wearing masks. You can tell by her vitriol toward DeSantis that the mother is a Democrat who just wanted some publicity. In the end, I’m not sure what’s dumber — her interview or the media reaction to it.


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