Leftist Narratives Crumble After Union Station Swastika Culprit Is Identified

Executive Office of the Mayor/Khalid Naji-Allah via AP

The rush to blame every instance of hate on the right is hardly a new phenomenon. Things are so absurd that we’ve even seen the rise in black-on-Asian hate crimes attributed to Donald Trump saying “China virus.” You know, because minority groups in New York City and San Francisco are renowned for taking their political cues from Trump.


Still, despite more noose hoaxes than one can count, the left can always be counted on to jump to conclusions, and those conclusions usually involve pointing the finger at MAGA. That happened again recently after commuters noticed a series of hand-drawn swastikas on the outside of Union Station in Washington, DC. Clearly, this had to be the work of hateful, white supremacist Trump supporters.

Here’s a Lincoln Project flack doing that dance to set things up.

You’ll probably notice the dates on those tweets are from last Friday, but there has actually been an update to this story. In fact, according to the Washington Examiner, a person has been arrested and identified for perpetrating the act.

Have you seen that reported by any mainstream news outlet? I bet you haven’t, and there’s a very specific reason for that: This crime doesn’t fit the preferred narrative.


A man arrested last week for vandalizing Washington’s Union Station with swastika symbols is a Mexican citizen with a 15-year criminal history who has been deported twice but still does not meet Biden administration standards for arrest or removal.

Geraldo Pando, 34, was arrested on Jan. 28 and charged with the display of certain emblems and defacing private/public property for drawing the Nazi symbol on the exterior walls of the train station, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol. The incident happened one day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day and is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

While CBS, the Post, and others rushed to report the initial story about the swastikas, the press has shown no interest in following up. Hilariously, CNN did a report on the arrest but failed to mention the man’s name, no doubt because it implied he was of Hispanic descent.

Instead, it was a right-leaning news organization that took the initiative to actually do some journalism and find out who the man was and what his background was. Now, we know that he was an illegal immigrant with multiple deportations. Further, we know that he can’t even be deported again because of Joe Biden’s insane immigration policies.


That’s ironic, isn’t it? The left broke down the door to blame Trump, but it turns out the culprit is an illegal immigrant who is only in the country because of Joe Biden. It’s almost like someone scripted this to provide maximum embarrassment to leftwing political hacks.

As to the crime itself, this appears to be another case of a delusional homeless person lashing out. That falls squarely on the shoulders of the failed city government in Washington, DC. Perhaps the Democrats in charge, including Mayor Muriel Bowser, could worry less about painting giant letters on the street and more about actually governing well? That’s a crazy thought, I know.


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