BLM Activist Charged in Anti-Asian Hate Crime Incidents After Decrying Hate Crimes

Black Lives Matter activists like to suggest that they really care about hate crimes against people because of their race, instead of them being about trying to push the country further left with a radical anti-police agenda.


But one Black Lives Matter activist was just nailed for allegedly committing a hate crime against Asians, a day after he railed against such crimes.

Christopher Hamner, 51, was charged in two separate incidents in incidents involving three Asian-American women, according to the NY Post.

In one incident, he allegedly threatened a mother who was in her car with her two children ages 10 and 5, shouting “Asian b**ch,” punching his fists together. According to the woman, Pamela Cole, he demanded that she get out of the car and then charged her car. She says he yelled, ‘F**k you, you Asian b**ch. F**k you!”

From KIRO 7:

“My daughter is right behind me and my son is right behind me. And I’m like, we are just sitting ducks,” she said, emotional.

“My car, I locked my door. That was my safety – I’m going to lock my door. I had nothing. I just felt so defenseless and so helpless. And you know as a mom, all we want to do is take care of our kids and protect them,” Cole said.

“Then thank god the light changed. And even as we were running through and trying to turn, he’s still throwing things at us, and watching as I’m turning and watching where I’m going,” she said.

Interestingly, KIRO 7 says Cole says she is “Chinese and Malaysian” and her children are “Chinese, Malaysian and Black.” KIRO 7 does not identify Hamner’s race. The NY Post identifies Hamner as black, the Post Millennial identifies him as “mixed race.”


According to the NY Post, after the Atlanta spa shootings in which six Asian women were killed, Hamner decried the actions as “racial Hate Crimes” although there has been no evidence as yet that the people were killed because of race. Meanwhile, the day after he posted that, he allegedly cut off two other Asian women with his car and shouted some of the same imprecations as he did at Cole. Again, he allegedly charged at the women and threw a plastic object at their car.

The Post Millennial identifies him as having been at BLM protests last summer, even recording video from the CHOP. According to the Post Millennial, he was charged with three counts of malicious harassment.


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