Latest Numbers Show Red States Are Saving Joe Biden, Even as He Trashes Them

Steve Reigate/Pool via AP

If you’ve paid attention to the White House’s messaging lately, you’ve probably found yourself with a headache from time to time. The sheer amount of contradiction and spin being put forth is a sight to behold, and one issue the administration has gaslit the most about is job growth.


If you listen to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who took his turn under the bus recently for Biden’s failures, the last year has been a roaring success. You see, according to Klain, it doesn’t matter that the government arbitrarily destroyed millions of jobs prior to some lesser number returning. All that matters is that they are “creating jobs,” context be damned.

But context does matter, and many on the right have long asserted that it is red states defying Biden’s policies that have led to whatever marginal economic growth we’ve seen as a nation. Now, we have proof of that.

Out of the top 20 states for job recovery, since the pandemic began, 16 of them are Republican-led states. Further, of the four Democrat-led states on the list, two of them are red states with Democrat governors.

What’s that tell us? It tells us that the states that have ignored Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci are, by far, doing the best economically in the country. Given that reality, doesn’t it seem rather ridiculous for the president to then try to take credit for job growth he has directly worked to stifle? Yet, that’s exactly what he’s doing. Worse, he’s continuously trashed the very red states that have, to this point, offered his administration the only lifeline it has. How’s that for gratefulness?


As I’ve said before, a three-legged dog could be president right now and be producing better results. Why? Because literally, all Biden had to do was stay out of the way and job growth would have boomed organically. He just couldn’t do it, though, and the Democrat-led states that have followed his lead continue to be an economic drag on the country. As RedState reported earlier in January, overall job growth is falling well below expectations month after month. That’s not because of Texas and Mississippi. That’s because New York and California, among others, are still governing like it’s June 2020.

I fear the nation won’t break out of this malaise until it’s forced to by the election results in November. If and when Democrats get crushed, you may finally see some of these blue bastions change course. Until then, you can expect a bumpy ride, and the only relief will be mostly provided by the very states Biden can’t stop complaining about.


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