An Absolutely Horrific Jobs Report Follows the Democrats' Day of Distractions

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

After a day of overwrought, largely misleading pronouncements about January 6th, the distractions have turned back into reality for Joe Biden and his maligned party. An absolutely horrific jobs report was released this morning following the Democrats’ “commemoration,” jarring Washington back into the real world of issues people actually care about.


While 422,000 jobs were projected to be created during one of the nation’s peak hiring seasons, the actual number came in at just 199,000. That’s another big miss after November’s paltry numbers and comes on the heels of news that jobless claims remain stubbornly high as well.

Can I just say that maybe it’s time to find some new “experts” to do these projections? This is not the first or even the second time over the last year that the mark has been missed by more than 50 percent. Heck, the worst miss in history happened in April of 2021 with only 266,000 jobs being created against a projection of around one million. I’m just spitballing here, but if one’s prediction methodology is that consistently bad, perhaps it’s time to go a different direction?

As to the unemployment rate, which remains a relatively low 3.9 percent, that is largely a factor of a lag in the workforce participation rate. That metric has remained nearly flat since Biden took office (61.4 percent to 61.9 percent) and has not even recovered half the ground lost since the COVID-19 pandemic initially tanked the employment market.


So what’s this all mean? Well, it means exactly what it looks like it means. The jobs market continues to falter during a time where growth should be exploding given the decoupling of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 infection rates. That’s almost solely due to the ridiculous policies and fear-mongering coming from the Biden administration and its allies, both of which incentivize people to not work when they are otherwise healthy and capable of doing so.

While the January 6th handwringing lasted a day, these economic issues are going to linger until the 2022 election. Perhaps that gives us a window into why Democrats are so desperate to change the subject? Unfortunately, their “save democracy” pitch was always going to be a flash in the pan, and now the return of real problems means more bad news for Democrats.


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