Joe Biden Pushes Deceit and Division in Angry 'Presser'

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Every three months or so, Joe Biden awakes from his slumber and does a “press conference.” The infrequency of the events is only topped by the absurdity of how they always play out. The president shows up with a binder to read from, calls on pre-selected reporters, and rarely receives a tough question (and when he does, he blows it off and moves on).


Today’s “press conference” was no different. Biden spent several minutes touting his many supposed accomplishments, sharing misleading stats and gaslighting Americans on the failures of his first year in office.

Here’s a bit of what that sounded like.

Let me just say that asserting that “this country’s working people” got a raise would be ridiculously misleading, even if it were true that real wages were up. Did you get a raise? Because I didn’t get a raise, and I’m pretty sure I’m a working person.

The reality is that while wages are up, that’s mostly because service jobs are seeing higher starting pay to fill vacancies. That cashier at Mcdonald’s is getting hired on at $12 an hour instead of $9 an hour. That’s all well and good, but that doesn’t mean all the rest of us got raises as Biden asserts. Then there’s the issue of inflation, which has outstripped wage growth dramatically. In short, the majority of workers in the United States have not gotten a raise. Rather, they are poorer now than they were a year ago, thanks to Biden’s disastrous policies.

The president also bragged about his now stagnating job growth, once again failing to mention that these aren’t “new jobs” being created. We are still far below the pre-pandemic peak for employment, and a blind monkey could have preceded over the job growth that we have seen. When the government crushes the economy, there’s only one direction for it to go once restrictions are lifted. That’s not an accomplishment, and things would be far worse if red states weren’t out there bolstering the numbers by defying the administration’s guidelines.


Anyway, once Biden finished his prepared remarks, the tongue bath began. While the press corps is usually pretty shameless in the regular briefings with Jen Psaki, things go to another level when it’s Joe Biden at the podium. Biased framings and softball questions were the order of the day, and the president was happy to use those opportunities to push more deceit and division.

It’s been said before, but it’s always worth repeating: This kind of preemptive delegitimization of the coming election is dangerous and gross. It also happens to be wildly hypocritical, given that we’ve just spent the last year being told by this very White House that there was no worse sin than questioning the legitimacy of an election.


Yet, here we are with Biden once again pushing the idea that people’s votes won’t be counted and that voters will be suppressed. To be clear, he has no evidence of that at all. Even the most maligned voting reform bills expand access compared to pre-pandemic levels. But Democrats know they are about to get waxed in 10 months and are already looking to build a narrative that the election was stolen from them.

Later, when Biden was asked about his comparison of Republicans to George Wallace and Bull Connor, he erupted in anger before peeing on America’s collective leg and insisting it was raining.

I know this man is senile, but you’d think he’d be sentient enough to understand that when you accuse someone of being on the side of George Wallace, you are making a direct comparison, equating that person to a racist. That was Biden’s intent no matter how much he tries to whitewash his prior, disgusting comments.

Also, could one of his handlers please tell him to stop trying to belittle reporters who ask basic questions? In this instance, he tried to accuse the guy of not knowing how to read, even though it is Biden who is lying about what he said. The faux tough-guy bravado just comes across as weak and pathetic at this point.


The president also made some rather disturbing comments about Russia invading Ukraine, among several other absolutely inane moments, but I just can’t cover everything in one article. Regardless, what we saw today wasn’t surprising. Biden remains the same cowardly, vindictive creep he’s always been. Now, he’ll retreat for another three months or so while the rest of the country suffers under his asininity.


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