Joe Biden Reveals in Latest Press Conference He Is "Instructed" on Whom He Can Call

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Joe Biden said during the 2020 Presidential campaign that he had the most experience of any person who ever ran for President because of the decades he spent in the United States Senate and eight years as Vice President for Barack Obama.


He knows the players in the Congrees and has palled around with them for decades. He knows the players on the international stage and considers them friends in some cases. He’s been in the rooms where some of the biggest decisions in this country’s history were made.

So now he has assumed the Presidency, and even with all the experience this current occupant of the Oval Office has from all his years in the swamp, he revealed during Thursday afternoon’s press conference that someone tells him whom to call upon for questions.

Actually, he said he was “instructed” whom to call upon.

For real.

Biden addressed the country and the White House Press Corps for about ten minutes regarding the bombings that took in Afghanistan early Thursday in which at least 13 United States service people lost their lives and many more were injured. I can’t really explain how it was delivered except it was a roller coaster watching the Commander in Chief go through what I and many other people watched on an incredibly sad day. I was hoping for some words of encouragement, but what I witnessed was a tired old person that should be eating ice cream on a bench with Forrest Gump.

Don’t take my word for it; you can just watch the clip.

Just as he was ending what looked to be a teleprompter-read statement at around the ten-minute mark, he limped into the end of his remarks with this…


We have so much to do. It’s within our capacity to do it; we just have to remain steadfast. Steadfast. We will complete our mission, and we will continue after our troops have withdrawn to find means by which we can find any American who wishes to get out of Afghanistan. We will find them and we will get them out.

The written version of this does not do this justice. You really need to go and watch how he is fumbling around looking for his pre-approved list of reporters to call on. Around the 11-minute mark, he shifts to the question-and-answer period of the press conference with this super odd admission:

Ladies and gentlemen, (they) gave me a list here the first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell NBC News.

Now, I know that some of our leftie friends that can’t quite seem to admit that maybe voting for Joe was a bad idea will say that this is nothing new. White House press secretaries have ALWAYS set up who their bosses to call on and that is partially true. Back in the good ole days when the press would actually try and report news no matter who they voted for, the “tradition” was to call on the dean of the press corps, which forever was Helen Thomas. Since Helen is no longer with us there has been a bit more of to start off with a couple of warm-up questions from friendlies and then got freestyle.


Donald Trump, of course, created a whole new style being he would engage with the press even on the way to the bathroom. He relished taking on reporters from CNN or NBC and calling them fake news and gave the press corps more access than any President in the modern era.

Joe Biden has to be instructed on who he can call on and has to have a sheet with the reporters’ names and faces to make sure he is calling on the right person. I was not above having a cheat sheet in school but I never claimed to be the most experienced person to run for the leader of the free world gig either.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think by looking at Joe saying he was instructed today, that he has been yelled at for NOT following who he has been told to call on in the past and that makes me feel sad for my country.

If the best we could do last November was Joe Biden and he is also the most experienced person ever to hold the Presidency…

We are truly screwed.


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