An Instance of CNN on CNN Violence Leads to a Decisive Winner

An Instance of CNN on CNN Violence Leads to a Decisive Winner
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I thought I was done writing stories that include the phrase “January 6th” in them for a while, but this was just too good not to share, and I promise, the inclusion of January 6th is strictly ancillary.

Yesterday evening, an instance of CNN on CNN violence broke out between Mary Katherine Ham and Andrew Kaczynski. The former is a Republican and analyst for the network, representing one of the few intellectually honest people left over there (if not the only one). The latter runs CNN’s K-File, which is an investigative wing that harasses Trump-supporting grandmas and such.

To understand what happened, we first have to start with Ron DeSantis’ comments on January 6th. Part of those included an assertion by the Florida governor that the Congressional baseball shooting, which gravely injured Steve Scalise while others narrowly escaped with their lives, didn’t get much coverage from the mainstream media. That then led to a snarky response from The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman. It was Haberman whom Ham originally responded to.

Kaczynski apparently found Ham’s assertion objectionable. He attempted to “fact-check” her by claiming that she did discuss the shooting on-air. Ham then responded with another round of facts regarding what happened at the time.

It’s that last tweet that is really the knock-out blow. Normally, you would think that CNN employees wouldn’t go after other CNN employees. In the case of Chris Cuomo, the various pedophile producers, and Jeffrey Toobin’s self-pleasuring, that’s been true for Kaczynski. He never once mentioned those scandals or levied criticism regarding the people involved in them.

But let Ham make one comment he doesn’t like (that is objectively true), and he’s suddenly really outspoken about his colleagues. Weird, right? It’s almost as if he bases his criticisms on pure partisan hackery. By the way, Kaczynski, being the absolute clown he is, blocked me on Twitter for mildly commenting on his post (I called it obtuse). He can dish it out, including siccing his investigative wing on randos for making fun of Nancy Pelosi, but he sure can’t take it.

In the end, props to Ham for being willing to respond when she could have sat idly by, afraid of what her bosses would say if she engaged. And while it’d be easy to suggest she’d be a better fit back at Fox News, I think she’s right where she needs to be — causing waves at CNN.

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