WATCH: Mary Katherine Ham Leaves CNN Anchors in Stitches With Hilarious Takedown of AOC

WATCH: Mary Katherine Ham Leaves CNN Anchors in Stitches With Hilarious Takedown of AOC
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We beat up CNN a lot on this site because, frankly, they deserve it.

But occasionally, they let some truth and even humor slip onto their network.

Mary Katherine Ham, one of their few conservative commentators, did a great bit about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

AOC was upset that people pointed out how she was partying in the free state of Florida, while COVID was raging in her state, where little kids are forced to show their vaccine papers and to sit on the ground outside in the cold. She was spotted with her boyfriend drinking at a sushi restaurant in Miami Beach and with actor/singer Billy Porter at a crowded drag brunch in Miami, both incidents while maskless.

When people commented on the hypocrisy and yes, the elitism that she can do that while the kids back in her city suffer, she tried to deflect from the controversy by going all-in with the slimy leftist conspiracy about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis being “missing” when he was working and taking his wife to cancer treatments. Then she also claimed that people were criticizing her because they were sexually obsessed with her. Talk about being incredibly self-absorbed, not to mention a lame response to criticism. It’s just a bit psychologically off that she thinks people who are criticizing her are interested in her.

Thinking it isn’t the Republicans who need the therapy with that weird tweet.

But Ham decided to deal with AOC through humor — and even the liberal CNN hosts had to laugh in response. Ham skewered AOC for her vanity, joking about her starting a national conversation about the “plight of the super hot in America” which has been “long ignored.”

“AOC has started a national conversation about this.” Ham laughed. “You know, I know we have all dealt with it. By that, I mean, AOC, you, Brianna, myself, and John… Well, the point is — we can start an organization or something. Just the other day, I noticed the IRS keeps sending me notices even though I’ve never expressed any interest in them. It’s like, why are you so obsessed with me? One day you wake up and think is there more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking? I did it. And now I’m here. AOC did it, and now she’s a congresswoman.”

Ham then got down to the greater point, “I’m goofing on this because it’s goofy, but to question the motives of every questioner you come across, I don’t think behooves you. And she can answer the questions about being in Florida without going here.”

“It suggests that people can use their personal freedom to make decisions about their risk profiles and go forward in the world of COVID,” Ham said.

That’s the real problem here, of course. That AOC is all in favor of government dictate mandates on others — like what the folks in her home district are having to deal with now in New York City. And she wants to attack DeSantis while fleeing to his free state where she can exercise that freedom denied to people and children in New York. Before COVID hit, we all understood that everyone had the right to make decisions about their own health and risk. But now we’re beset by government bullies like AOC who want to tell us what to do. Yet she pretends she’s the victim? Please. But the fact that she doesn’t get how goofy her response is and that she thinks people are into her is pretty funny.

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