The White House Admits Joe Biden's 2020 Campaign Was a Scam

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The Joe Biden administration is in total chaos. That’s been the running theme for months now. From the deadly disaster in Afghanistan to the humanitarian crisis at the border to the current disarray on Capitol Hill, incompetence has reigned, and we’ve learned exactly what 50 years of “experience” in Washington gets the country.


Of course, the reality of today is in stark contrast to the picture that was painted during the 2020 campaign. Biden was supposed to represent a “return to normalcy,” punctuated by moderation, unity, and reasoned leadership. Countless pieces in The Washington Post and The New York Times proclaimed the coming return of “adults” to the White House.

Most of all, though, we were told Biden was going to “shut down” COVID-19.

That statement was made on October 30th, just days before the 2020 election, and it put a capstone on an entire year of Biden insisting that he had the answers for how to deal with COVID. He and his allies continually framed the debate over the virus as Trump simply refusing to do simple things that would eradicate the coronavirus as a problem.

So how’s that all going now that Biden is approaching a year into his presidency? Well, I’ll let Jen Psaki give you the update.

Let me translate that for you: Biden’s campaign was a total scam.

Far away from vague promises to shut down the virus while simultaneously not harming the economy, the White House has now been reduced to claiming that they never had a chance in the fight against COVID because of the bad orange man. You know, the same bad orange man that handed them effective vaccines and an economy that was showing signs of massive growth if only the government would allow it.


Instead of shutting down the virus, whatever that actually meant at the time, Biden has blown a hole in the head of the economy with pointless mandates and unsteady leadership. Inflation is raging, growth is stagnating, and jobless claims continue to rise. Further, despite having the vaccines and a distribution network gifted to him, the current president has managed to preside over another massive COVID wave, with things looking to get worse in the Northeast and Midwest this winter.

Pathetically, the once confident Biden, who assured a nation he had all the answers if they’d just put him in the White House, has been reduced to having his surrogates riff on bleach. His campaign was a scam, fueled by unicorn farts and a penchant for hiding in the basement.

And the country he grifted is now paying a deep price.


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