The Left Roots for the Worst as Omicron Fails to Deliver

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If you are the cautiously optimistic type, the news on the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been largely positive so far — though, you’d never tell that from the media coverage. As RedState reported, South Africa’s hospitalization numbers actually dropped during their wave and cases are already tailing off.


Meanwhile, in France, they are seeing people get less sick and those that are hospitalized are in the ICU for a shorter period of time. That’s more evidence pointing to a lack of virulence regarding Omicron. Even as it is more transmissible, it seems to be far less dangerous, presenting itself as a mild cold in most cases.

But while that might seem positive to normal people, it’s bad news for many on the left because they’ve invested so much of their personal being and political future into the pandemic. For figures like Joe Biden, Omicron presenting mild symptoms means losing his favorite punching bag — the unvaccinated. That’s why he just outright lied multiple times about what the data is showing on the new variant yesterday.

Then there’s stuff like this, where you can literally feel the disappointment.


It’s mild, but it can still be debilitating! And you might get “long COVID”!

Of course, I’m skeptical “long COVID” actually exists on any widespread level given the “symptoms” track with a million other things human beings tend to randomly suffer from. There’s also a study involving children that showed the control group actually had more “long COVID” symptoms than those who actually were infected with the coronavirus. What’s that tell you?

Regardless, it just feels like the left is rooting for this thing to be way worse than it is. Here’s another example, in which an editor with the Florida Sun Sentinel tries to give Marco Rubio a hard time for stating the obvious.

While I’m thankful for that math lesson, Omicron’s lack of potency is, in fact, leading to less hospitalization and death. Again, as I linked to earlier in this piece, we have well over a month of hospitalization data out of South Africa, and we are beginning to see useful data sets coming out of Europe as well. Deaths have been extremely minimal (including just one in the United States). Clearly, the increased transmissibility of Omicron is not overcoming the fact that it’s far less deadly than the Delta variant.


As a nation, we should be celebrating the data we have so far on Omicron. Instead, the left appears to be in mourning while tyrannical political leaders pretend that positive data doesn’t even exist, instituting more asinine mitigation measures that only serve to punish and discriminate. These people are never going to let go of COVID until voters force them to let go at the ballot box. But we can point and laugh at them in the meantime, I suppose.


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