It Sure Seems Like the DOJ Is Covering Up FBI Instigation of January 6th

Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

One of the more hotly debated issues surrounding the events of January 6th centers on just how deep the FBI’s involvement was. We’ve already had an admission that there were informants present. But past that, there are a series of unanswered questions that the DOJ steadfastly refuses to answer.


For example, multiple surveillance videos show masked men opening up the doors to the U.S. Capitol Building to allow protesters to enter. In fact, one video shows them entering while Capitol Police officers simply stand around. Yet, we have no idea who those men are. This is the same FBI that can track down 400+ people who entered the Capitol, including grandmas who took selfies and guys who put their feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, but we are to believe they have no idea who the men who opened the doors in the first place are.

Meanwhile, prosecutors refuse to release the rest of the tapes that haven’t been forced out by a judge, because they claim it poses a national security risk. The entire thing just doesn’t pass muster. What are they protecting?

That question became even more paramount this week after RedState reported on a video that Rep. Thomas Massie played for AG Merrick Garland during a House hearing. In it, we saw a man instigating people to enter the Capitol Building the night before January 6th. Later, we see the same man directing people into the Capitol Building, as chaos began to break out.


Here’s what that looked like.

The man in the video has not been arrested nor charged with a crime. Again, the FBI is holding grandmas in indefinite detention, but a man on tape telling people to enter the Capitol Building hasn’t even been touched by federal authorities? Does that sound plausible to you, if that man is just a random citizen? Or does it sound like the guy was an FBI agent or informant?

Any fair-minded person is going to lean towards the latter. Things have gotten to the point where the DOJ should not be trusted to have acted properly. That’s especially true when Garland continues to obfuscate and pretend as if he can’t comment on anything that might complicate the predominant, January 6th narrative.

Besides, given how the FBI behaved during the Trump-Russia investigation, does anyone really believe it to be beneath them to act politically? January 6th included some legitimately bad acts by a select few, but that’s a far hike from it being a “planned insurrection” involving everyone who casually strolled through the open doors of the Capitol Building that day. The government appears to be heavily invested in covering up exactly what happened, regardless of whether that leads to unfair prosecutions or not.


If Garland has nothing to hide, then he should come out and directly address why those who opened the doors and are on tape instigating the crowd haven’t been arrested or charged. If there’s a good explanation, then share it. In the absence of that, it sure seems like the DOJ is covering up FBI instigation of January 6th.


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