Joe Biden's Losses Keep Piling Up

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It’s been a banner week for the White House, and not in a good way. Multiple courts have struck down multiple vaccine mandates put in place by the Biden administration, exposing the extremely shaky legal ground with which they were enacted.


Previously, the OSHA mandate, the most public of Biden’s dictates, was blocked for the entire country. This week, the hammer dropped on the mandate for healthcare workers, which was already causing shortages in hospitals. Now, the federal contractor mandate has joined the party, being blocked in several states.

What’s next? The federal government employee mandate? With how things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Now, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that if the courts are having to strike down your executive actions this frequently and thoroughly, that perhaps you just don’t respect the Constitution in the first place. It’s not just COVID vaccine mandates either. It’s also the eviction moratorium and Biden’s reversal of policies at the border (which, coincidently I’m sure, were helping stem the tide of illegal immigration until he took office).


But what if I told you that I think all this stuff getting struck down is just fine with the president? Hear me out for a moment.

This is a man that hates taking responsibility for anything. Biden is a political coward who wants to obfuscate and delegate, never being the one to have to make a tough decision. That’s why when it came to this latest travel ban, he blamed his COVID team for it not going into effect immediately. Everything is someone else’s fault.

The same concept applies in regards to Biden’s vaccine mandates (but also the eviction moratorium). He wants to keep the far-left base of the Democrat party, not just because he’s beholden to them, but because he’s one of them. Given that reality, the president wants to look like he’s “doing something” while knowing that he doesn’t have the power to do what he’s doing. What happens then? The courts strike it down and Biden blames them.

That’s the game here. All the coming COVID deaths that were going to be a mark against Biden? Those will now be the fault of the courts for daring to strike down his life-saving vaccine mandates, or at least that’s how he’ll frame things. In short, there is now an incentive for a president to do blatantly unconstitutional things, using the court system as a political pawn to avoid responsibility for the predictably bad results that follow.


So while it’s fun to dunk on the White House when yet another court decision goes against them, I just don’t believe they care that much. They want the cover provided by it and are more than happy to proclaim that things were “out of their hands” when the bill comes due for their awful leadership.


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