More Info on Man Allegedly in Custody in Waukesha Tragedy

Darrell Brooks of Milwaukee, WI, alleged suspect in the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack.

As we reported last night, there’s a man in custody after the tragedy at the Waukesha Christmas parade yesterday, according to scanner reports. NY Post reporter Karol Markowicz said the man was named Darrell Brooks. Now there’s some more information on him and on his alleged social media accounts.


Police have not confirmed that he is the suspect yet, but have said that they have a “person of interest” in custody.

Five people were killed in the incident and more than 40 were injured.

According to Heavy, two Milwaukee police squads were at the Milwaukee address of Brooks. As we noted, the Google address picture for the address shows a red Ford Escape — the same type of vehicle that plowed through people at the Waukesha parade. The police found the red Ford Escape parked in a driveway with a bullet in the windshield according to an officer on the police radio. They also reportedly recovered an ID with Brooks’ name in the red Ford Escape that they recovered in relation to the incident and a Ford key on him when he was detained according to the scanner. Heavy also has a picture that was taken of the alleged driver during the incident sent to them by someone who was at the parade and who also sent a picture showing the car just before it slammed into people. Brooks allegedly complained of shoulder pain when he was taken into custody.

As we noted, a witness claimed that the driver was a black man with dreadlocks.


Brooks has a long criminal history. The most recent action stemmed from a complaint filed 11/05/21 which involved five charges including resisting an officer, battery with domestic abuse assessments, and bail jumping. Despite the charge of bail jumping, Brooks was released on bond of $1,000 on November 19, two days before the incident yesterday.

A Darrell Edward Brooks also allegedly is listed in a sex offender registry in Nevada with the same year of birth.

Darrell Brooks raps under the name of MathBoi Fly. He appears to have had social media accounts in that name and similar names. While some of those accounts have been deleted and there are unconfirmed posts alleging what was in them, there appears to be a Twitter account still up with that name that mentions having the same birthday as Darrell Brooks.

On that account, he has some anti-police and pro-Malcolm X posts.


According to his alleged Facebook, he also had similar posts.

On his Youtube account, which has since been deleted but which I viewed before it was deleted, he had one video dancing in front of a red SUV similar to that used in mowing people down.


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