Kamala Harris Responds to the Rittenhouse Verdict, Shows Why She's as Popular as Rotten Fish

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I can still remember the first time I saw Hillary Clinton’s “chillin’ in Cedar Rapids” video during the 2016 presidential campaign. At the time, it served as the ultimate proof-text that the former Secretary of State was a uniquely awful politician. I mean, who could possibly be more fake and unlikable?


But then Kamala Harris came along. After bursting onto the scene as a leading presidential candidate in 2019, she faded faster than a Wal-Mart t-shirt washed with cheap detergent. Despite having all the accolades, intersectional points, and initial media support, Harris was forced to exit the race before the first primary, unable to even gain support in her home state of California. Since that time, her deep inauthenticity (sometimes accompanied by a terribly timed cackle) has become legendary.

That was on display again yesterday, when the Vice President commented on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Instead of offering a salient point that makes her seem somewhat genuine, Harris did what she always does. Namely, she dipped into her bucket of woke terms, mumbled some phrases that don’t go together, and made no sense whatsoever, calling the verdict an “equity” issue in the justice system.


Now, I’ve studied Democrats long enough to know that when they say “equity,” it is another way of claiming racism that is inherent in a system. Yet, I’m left scratching my head at exactly what part of the Kyle Rittenhouse case demonstrates such. Rittenhouse, last I checked, is white. The three people he shot in self-defense were also white. In fact, the one black guy who did attack Rittenhouse was not even charged for attempting to bash the teenager’s skull in with his boot. In short, there is no evidence that Rittenhouse’s race played a role in his actions, nor the fact that he was acquitted by a jury of his peers.

Further, in an almost poetic fashion, another not guilty verdict was delivered in a self-defense case. A black man named Coffee was acquitted after he shot at police during a SWAT raid. Was that outcome proof of inequity in the system?

The fact is that self-defense is a right every American enjoys. You can find many cases of black individuals being acquitted (and many more not even being charged) because they acted in self-defense. The fact that Rittenhouse is white and the facts were on his side does not make his trial an example of “inequity.” Further, anyone who would see an innocent man thrown in prison for life just to feed their social justice narrative is incredibly sick. What Harris is doing here is objectively evil.


Do you want to know why Harris’ approval ratings are so bad? This is why. She’s just a bad person and a bad politician. Her naked ambition and inability to deviate from her talking points would see someone unjustly jailed for a crime they didn’t commit, and that’s not a quality few Americans respect.



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