Elizabeth Warren Produces the Most Cringe-worthy Campaign Moment Since Hillary Chilled In Cedar Rapids

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is getting weirder and weirder.

Recently, there were several occurrences of her literally running in and out of campaign stops for some reason. That’s not really a thing people do, but Warran wants you to know she may be 70 but that she’s got the athletic prowess of your average 60 year old.


To be fair, all she really had to do was be able to walk on a consistent basis and go up stairs unaccompanied and she’d have shown herself more capable than the Democratic nominee in 2016.

Warren wasn’t finished though. Candidates are always looking to top themselves and top herself she would. Unfortunately, the only video of Warren’s latest antics that I can embed has the music replaced to avoid a copyright strike.

BUT, GO here to watch the full video in all its glory. Her screeching and the Aretha Franklin song really make it what it is.


The first thing I thought when I saw this was that episode from Seinfeld where Elaine does the “little kicks.” It’s that awkward.

Then I decided to take a look at the scale of political cringe and it put this just above Warren’s dance moves.

I don’t know why politicians do this stuff. I mean, it’s great for sites like RedState because we can laugh about it, but on a practical level, who is changing their vote because Hillary chilled in Cedar Rapids or Elizabeth Warren danced like she was seizing in New Hampshire?


I still maintain that Warren is mostly a mirage. She’s benefiting from Sander’s regression but she’s not actually making up much ground with Joe Biden. She’s Hillary Clinton but with greater control of her faculties. She’s shrill and not good in front of a crowd at all and her lines are hopelessly rehearsed. Of course, the media elite have decided she’s the candidate of choice because she’s got plans for everything (except how to dance) and she’s so smart. As long as Sanders stays in the race though, and he will until the bitter end, I don’t see her making a push to overtake the front runner.


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