Jimmy Kimmel Has Figured out Why Kamala Harris Is as Popular as Spoiled Milk

Some days ago, RedState reported on the not-so-surprising case of Kamala Harris being about as popular as a stick in the eye. While Joe Biden has been setting new lows in his own approval ratings, Harris clocked in at a dreadful 28% approval in USA Today’s latest poll.


Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is 28% – even worse than Biden’s. The poll shows that 51% disapprove of the job she’s doing. One in 5, 21%, are undecided.

But if you were sitting around running all the possibilities, desperately trying to figure out how a politician as charismatic and charming as Harris could possibly be less popular than a stubbed toe in the dark, I’ve got good news. The mystery has been solved by none other than late-night host and alleged comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

You see, it’s not the fact that Harris is deeply inauthentic, to the point of hiring child actors to try to make herself seem more likable. It’s not that she’s failed on every major task she’s been assigned, most importantly the border crisis. It’s not even that she laughs wildly at the most inappropriate times.

No, the reason Harris is unpopular is that you are a racist, sexist bigot who just won’t allow yourself to appreciate her greatness. You should take some time to think about how you’ve let our elites down by holding a non-approved opinion about a politician they love and consider changing course immediately. If not for yourself, for the good of the country that needs transformational leaders like Kamala Harris to remain in power.


Of course, there’s always the possibility that Kimmel is just a lazy partisan hack who wouldn’t know a good joke if it punched him in the face. On second thought, that’s probably it.

Besides, by Kimmel’s logic, black Democrat primary voters are racist and sexist as well. After all, they largely shunned Harris during the 2020 presidential race (Note: Harris’ campaign did not actually make it to 2020) after Tulsi Gabbard decapitated the then-senator from California during a debate.

Now let’s do the math on this and ask ourselves what’s more likely? That everyone from black Democrat primary voters to Republicans are rabid bigots who are unfairly judging Kamala Harris? Or that she is just a terrible politician who has earned every bit of the scorn she’s currently receiving? I know where I’ve got my money.


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