That Embarrassing Kamala Harris Space Video Just Got so Much More Hilarious

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Some days ago, RedState reported on a cringe-inducing video starring Vice President Kamala Harris. In what could have passed for a segment from “The Office,” Harris appeared in something called “Get Curious With Kamala Harris,” in which she broke out her patented cackle and shouted loudly at children about science. I promise I’m not doing satire right now, so stick with me.


Here’s a taste of how that embarrassing spectacle at the Naval Observatory went.

The videos themselves were bad enough on their own. They played right into the evidence-based truth that Harris is an awful politician, plagued by inauthenticity and a personality that is so contrived that it almost makes Hillary Clinton seem like a real person. Surely, this ordeal couldn’t get any worse, right?

And yet, she persisted.

A new revelation has managed to make things so hilarious that you’ll think it’s a parody. Harris apparently used child actors while producing the videos, likely on the advice of her new PR firm. I checked the link twice to make sure I wasn’t being redirected to the Babylon Bee, but it’s real — and it’s spectacular.

The first installment of Vice President Kamala Harris’s YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who auditioned for their roles in the project.

Trevor Bernardino, a 13-year-old actor from Carmel, California, and one of five teenagers featured in the video, was asked to submit a monologue discussing something he is passionate about and three questions for a world leader, according to an interview with KSBW TV. Trevor then interviewed with the production director.

“And then after that, like a week later, my agent called me, and he’s like, ‘Hey Trevor, you booked it,’” Trevor said. He didn’t learn until much later that he would be meeting with Harris, who was appointed to lead the National Space Council earlier this year.


In fact, of the five children who appeared, at least four of them were child actors. That’s not just an incidental fact, either. The kids were asked to audition by submitting questions they’d ask an “important person,” as if Harris couldn’t get any more narcissistic. Then Zoom calls commenced with a producer, who chose the cast. To top it off, the production company is called Sinking Ship Entertainment.

Again, I promise this isn’t satire.

Look, I’m no PR expert. I’m just a humble writer that likes to make fun of political absurdity. Still, even I know that when your biggest problem as a politician is that you are an inauthentic figure that everyone thinks is as fake as they come, you don’t go hire a production company to cast child actors to produce a video, in which you pretend to be having boisterous conversations about space. I mean, that’s probably written down somewhere.

Yet, Harris can’t help herself. She’s truly the worst politician of this generation. This is a woman who was so unlikable that she didn’t even make it to Iowa during her presidential run — despite being essentially coronated by the media. Her appointment to the vice presidency was based on identity politics, something Joe Biden readily admitted. That lack of ability continues to show, as Harris finds new and interesting ways to prove how out of touch and tone-deaf she is.



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