Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse Case Roasts CNN 'Legal Analysts' for Having No Idea What They Are Talking About

The contentious trial of Kyle Rittenhouse continued yesterday. RedState has extensively followed the case since the teenager was charged with murder after appearing to act in self-defense (see here, here, and here for more details). The shootings happened during the Black Lives Matter-fueled riots that occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.


Since the trial began, the opinions have been flying on cable news among the “smart set.” You know, those legal analysts that are so brilliant that they comment on the law for leftwing hosts on CNN instead of…actually practicing it. For example, one instance that set off the talking heads involved a ruling in which the judge told the prosecution that they could not refer to those who Rittenhouse shot as “victims.” To normal people that makes total sense. To refer to them as victims is to prematurely pronounce Rittenhouse guilty.

That didn’t stop CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin from calling the judge’s rulings “incomprehensible,” among other things, on air. Here’s a sampling of some of Toobin’s commentary per the Washington Examiner.

“It is a very weird … ruling,” he said. “What’s very weird is allowing this extremely pejorative, assuming the conclusion, words of ‘rioters’ and ‘looters,’ which all in all should help Rittenhouse’s defense a great deal.”

He added, “[It’s] a very troubling situation because, again, using [those words] suggests that Rittenhouse was justified in what he was doing, because these were bad people that he shot, they were committing crimes, they were out there looting, they were out there being arsonists, when that is very much in dispute in the trial. … what these people were doing.”

Toobin noted for good measure that it’s not “the victims who are on trial here” but rather Rittenhouse.


Apparently, the judge in the case caught wind of what people were saying and became concerned about how it might affect the fairness of the trial he is conducting. He then gave this amazing response.

Ignore the fact that Ron Filipkowski, who sourced the video below, is a hack. There’s nothing “bizarre” about the judge’s move to correct the media’s disinformation.

You don’t often see judges in a high-profile case like this respond directly to criticism by calling out media members by name. He does so here, though, roasting Toobin as obviously not knowing the law and precedent which backed his rulings. Shorter judge: These TV lawyers have no idea what they are talking about.

At the end of the day, I think this was a necessary rebuke. Rittenhouse is not on trial for yawning (yes, an outlet reported on him yawning during his trial), and his fate will not be decided by mediocre cable news analysts. Rittenhouse is being judged by a jury of his peers as the law requires. His life is on the line, and that should be taken seriously.


Toobin is a terrible person who got a coworker’s daughter pregnant, tried to make her have an abortion, and then tried to refuse child support. He also was caught on a CNN Zoom call doing things to himself I won’t describe here. Of all the people who should shut their mouths and never speak publicly again, he is one of them. Yet, he keeps embarrassing himself to the extent he can still feel embarrassment. Good for this judge for calling him out and trying to quell the circus barkers.


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