Portland 2.0? Kenosha Rioters Storm Courthouse, But Police Crush Their Dreams

AP Photo/David Goldman

After two nights of rioting in Kenosha and a tremendous amount of destruction, one had to wonder what the rioters might have left to attack and burn.

One thing that they hadn’t really been able to successfully destroy was the local courthouse because the police and the National Guard had been deployed out in front of the large beautiful building preventing them from doing much.

But tonight there was a new addition to the defense and it infuriated the rioters.

Kenosha seems to have learned a lesson from Portland and put up fencing to help protect the courthouse.

Check it out.

Rioters were absolutely gnashing their teeth that they weren’t able to get at the building.

They even had people throwing themselves at the fence trying to take it down but they were frustrated and unsuccessful.

But unlike Portland, while they may have a similar fence, their police are not the same. Kenosha and the National Guard aren’t playing and feel free to break out all the tools to stop the violence.

They also broke out the tear gas and the LRAD.

Police successfully crushed the onslaught.

Rioters were still plotting on how to take the fence and get at the building.

But such thoughts didn’t end well.