Joe Biden and the Entire White House Call a Lid After Shocking Election Results

Joe Biden and the Entire White House Call a Lid After Shocking Election Results
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Over the last few days, Joe Biden had projected confidence going into yesterday’s election. While in Glasgow, he leaned in to assert that Terry McAuliffe would win. No doubt that was a necessary show of false confidence from a president who is watching his entire agenda collapse before his very eyes.

As we all now know, things did not go Biden’s way last night. Glenn Youngkin won a stunning upset victory to take the governor’s race in Virginia. Republicans also captured the House of Delegates and the other two statewide races on the ballot. Things didn’t stop there, though. Upsets all over the country occurred, including a Biden +14 district going Republican in Texas.

So what was the president’s response? Well, there isn’t one. Instead of offering an explanation or at least facing questions about what their plan is going forward, not only did Biden call a lid, but his entire White House did. There will be no press briefing today, not even 24-hours after a major election concluded.

This is a White House that has nowhere left to go. They’ve leaned into woke culture as hard as they can and have bent the knee to the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. McAuliffe was supposed to win and provide evidence that Biden’s moves were not proving detrimental. But the results have painted the exact opposite picture. The radicalness of the Biden administration was almost certainly decisive in Virginia as far as pushing Youngkin over the finish line.

That means the president’s agenda is on life support. This morning, Joe Manchin cited the election results as a sign that Americans are worried about inflation and other rising costs, signaling he may have gotten the message that voting for another massive spending bill isn’t going to play well back in West Virginia (or anywhere else outside of deep blue enclaves).

With all this intra-party chaos, you can imagine why no one from the administration wants to face the music today. What do they say? But when they finally do speak, you can expect them to double down on everything they did that led to yesterday’s losses. From pushing racial essentialism to insisting that if they just spent more money, everyone would love them.

Those paying attention know that’s not true, though, and for the moment, it’s probably best Biden just keeps his mouth shut. But unfortunately for Democrats, I do not think this entire thing is just going to blow over. The cake is almost completely baked going into 2022 now, and there’s nothing the current White House resident can do to change that.

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