Jen Psaki Has COVID-19 After Close Contact With Joe Biden on Tuesday

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Jen Psaki has tested positive for COVID-19, per an announcement. Katie Rogers of The New York Times shared the news on Twitter today, noting that Psaki had been in close contact with Joe Biden as recently as Tuesday. That happened in a socially distanced environment, at least according to Psaki.


The White House press secretary’s other contacts with White House staff came on Wednesday.

I’d note that Psaki, and the White House in general, are rabidly pro-mask. Yet, time and again, we continue to see breakthrough cases of vaccinated individuals. That might suggest something about the inefficacy of masks, but I realize that’s taboo to suggest.

As to Biden, he appears to be fine. If he got on a plane to go overseas to the G20, he no doubt got tested before leaving. I would assume everyone in attendance at the gathering of world leaders was tested as well. Still, it shows just how close the virus continues to come to the president who, despite being vaccinated, is certainly in a high-risk category due to his advanced age.

We’ll keep you updated if there’s anything else to report on this besides Psaki’s eventual recovery.


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